YOUR vote is so important

October 7 – We are 27 days away from Election Day and you have 12 days to register to vote in PA.

If you need to register, there is still time. You can register at your county election office or here:

Get yourself into the game and make sure your voice is heard.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen talked about the importance of voting this morning on First News during the Big Talk.

Barkdoll pointed out, “Biden absolutely has no coattails in this election. You heard Terry McAuliffe, the former governor of Virginia, who’s now running to become the governor again, former chairman of the DNC. He said this week that he’s very concerned that he’s not going to be elected in Virginia and he’s blaming some of it on…Biden is getting more and more unpopular and he’s not motivating Democrats to come out and vote and I think you’re going to see that not only here in a few weeks with elections around the country, but you’re certainly going to see it next year. Polls yesterday show Biden’s approval rating down into the mid to upper 30s, the lowest of his presidency and it has been declining very steadily week after week.”

Will that number hold? About a third of voters, both Republicans and Democrats, will support their president at any cost.  

Barkdoll said, “The other point on the election, people are already voting in Pennsylvania. Mail-in ballots have already been sent out. I know of a lot of local people that already got their ballots in the mail this week. They’re already voting as we speak, so yes there’s still time to register to vote, but don’t forget, too, there’s actually people in our community that are already casting those ballots. This is getting into definitely campaign mode. We’re into election mode.”

Jansen urged, “Let’s remember some Republicans seem to be resistant. Use the mail-in voting. Oh, I’m going to go Election Day and then something happens Election Day. You don’t feel well, there’s an emergency in the family. The weather’s bad. And then we have a lot of Republicans not showing up and because there’s this set up in their heads that you shouldn’t do mail-in voting. No, do the mail-in voting. If it’s available and there’s any chance you wouldn’t be getting out on Election Day, go ahead and mail-in your ballot. Encourage people who are home and homebound and you know would have a hard time getting out to use the mail-in voting. It’s there for you to use. Use it.”