Your source for local news is here!

CHAMBERSBURG – Residents of southcentral Pennsylvania, Washington County Maryland and the panhandle of West Virginia have a new source for local news.

The Tri-State Alert is a ground-breaking digital news platform created to give you all the local and state news you need to know, as well as feature stories and good news from around the area.

The Tri-State Alert is headed up by Andrea Rose, former assistant editor/lead reporter for The Record Herald. Rose has access to elected officials, organization leaders and community members throughout the region and is eager to share her passion for local news with readers.

“I’m so excited to be able to continue to cover local news in this region with NewsTalk’s Tri-State Alert,” Rose said. “The Fourth Estate – the press – was created to be a watchdog of government, but just as importantly, to keep the community informed of what’s happening right in their backyards. There’s a lot happening every day, but if we don’t stay tuned in to it, we’re not just missing out on an information or opportunity, we could be putting our future freedoms in jeopardy. My goal is to give readers all the news they need too keep their families updated and educated as well as entertained.”

Powered by NewsTalk 103.7 FM, the Tri-State Alert offers an online platform for local news and events that is free to readers.

“You won’t find a paywall here,” said Patrick Ryan, NewsTalk general manager. “We won’t limit the number of stories you can read. Thanks to our generous sponsors and advertisers, you get all the local news right here, right now.”

In addition to Rose, NewsTalk personalities Ryan Hedrick, Michele Jansen and Ryan will round out the Tri-State Alert team of reporters.

To submit a news story or tip to the Tri-State Alert, visit