Young Waynesboro teen jumped Sunday afternoon, has to be life flighted to Hershey

13 May 2024- One teenage is facing charges as an adult after a group of three allegedly jumps another teen on Sunday afternoon on E North Street in Waynesboro. TriState Alert has learned Kendill Anthony Raleigh has been charged with felony aggravated assault with extreme indifference, felony robbery, misdemeanor reckless endangerment, and misdemeanor simple assault. At time of publication, Raleigh has a warrant for his arrest.

Around 3:08pm on Sunday, May 12th, Waynesboro PD and EMS were both dispatched to the 100 block of E North Street for an assault of a juvenile. This boy, who was determined to be between 12-15, was allegedly found lying unclothed in the street with severe injuries that the 911 caller said were suffered when three people “were stomping him on the ground”.

That victim was found to have significant bruising and head injuries, with a nearby resident dressing the wounds and providing basic first aid. WPD say he was disorientated, with EMS determining that he would need to be flown out due to head injuries. The victim, police say, sustained facial injuries and head injuries, both two unknown extents, when he was flown to Hershey Medical Center.

The attack, officers say, was caught on surveillance footage from a nearby home. When Waynesboro PD accessed the video, they allegedly found Kendill Raleigh hiding behind a bush until the victim walked nearby, with him being jumped by Raleigh, another identified juvenile, and a third unidentified assailant. During this assault, WPD say that the victim was repeatedly punched, stomped on, and his clothes were physically torn off him.

A family member of Raleigh was able to identify one of alleged perpetrators as the accused, with her also identifying the previously mentioned juvenile.

Waynesboro PD are still investigating this incident and one person has been charged. The juvenile has not been charged as an adult as of time of publication. Kendill Raleigh has a warrant for his arrest and has not been arraigned.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39304-CR-0000096-2024, Incident No.: WPD202404377