You might need proof of a COVID-19 vaccination to travel, stay at hotels or attend a concert

April 2 – Discussions of a possible “vaccine passport” requirement in various states and even countries around the world have brought up serious concerns about Big Brother influences.

Vaccine passports would be a piece of paper or possibly even a digital item a person would carry on their cell phone or iPad that would prove they had been vaccinated against COVID-19. This would then allow them on airplanes, into hotels, maybe even permit access to concerts, sporting events and restaurants.

How far it will go is really anybody’s guess.

It opens up all kinds of privacy concerns as well as possible corruption and black market issues.

It’s being discussed in Pennsylvania as a possibility at the state level.

State Representative Paul Schemel said, “Pennsylvania law does not require you to take any vaccine. That should be clear. The state should not attempt to implement by some policy something that it cannot do under the law. That would be contrary to public policy.”

State Senator Judy Ward is also quite vocal in opposing the idea of vaccine passports.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen talked vaccine passports on First News this morning.

“(This is) fraught with problems so I’m glad to see Senator Ward and other state Reps trying to get out in front of it to try to stop it,” Barkdoll said.

Ryan wondered, “If Wolf doesn’t get it to the finish line, but Cuomo (governor of New York) does, you can’t help but think that this is going have some more traction when it comes to the Biden administration.”

It could definitely get picked up and rolled out by the Biden administration, especially if the states have issues getting it through – then the vaccine passport would be a law nationwide.

The court hasn’t determined if something like this would be legal yet, so a judgment there could veer this off course, too.

If it happens, it would mean the government would have a whole lot of information at their fingertips and Big Brother would not only be listening, but have a whole lot more private information than a lot of people might want them to.

And what about the people who have already been vaccinated? None of that information is in a database anywhere. How would they get one of these vaccine passports?

There are more questions than answers at this point, but keep an eye on this issue in the future.