WV Treasury continues to put up record numbers of unclaimed property returned

09 May 2024- State Treasurer Riley Moore today announced his Office’s Unclaimed Property Division returned more than $4.1 million worth of unclaimed funds to individuals, businesses and other organizations during the month of April.

“We’re proud to announce April was the third-highest month for returning funds in the program’s history,” Treasurer Moore said. “The only two months with greater returns were the two months we distributed checks as part of the West Virginia Cash Now automated return program that launched more than two years ago, so this past month represents a significant achievement for the unclaimed property program and the people who are being reunited with their lost funds.”

The Unclaimed Property Division returned a total of $4,118,366 during the month. Since the fiscal year began last July, the Office has paid out a total of nearly $22.1 million worth of claims.

“We’re proud to continue returning funds at the fastest pace in state history,” Treasurer Moore said. “Meanwhile, we continue to get new listings in our database, so I encourage everyone to visit www.WVUnclaimedProperty.gov to see if we’re holding anything for you.”

The State Treasurer’s Office currently has more than $438 million worth of unclaimed property listings in its database. To learn more about the unclaimed property program and to search its database, visit www.WVUnclaimedProperty.gov.