With what’s happening on the southern border, shouldn’t PA consider sending National Guard troops? 

March 22 – Recent video has come out showing illegal immigrants – mostly males – breaking through razor wire and knocking over guards to get into this country. 

A number of Pennsylvania law makers are asking Governor Josh Shapiro to send PA’s National Guard to the southern border to help the patrols. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “That video was terrible yesterday that’s making the rounds. You have a group of roughly 100 people there at the border. They just bum rush the guards, there’s razor wire there, they just run through everything. Now if you watch that whole video, though, they don’t get anywhere. They’re in a secured area. They immediately are encountered with a massive steel fence that they can’t get through. But still very troubling that they would feel that they were emboldened at the razor wire with security just to rush the mob through there, thinking that’s how things should be done. You just wonder how much of this is happening. That’s just one video we saw. How much of this is happening day to day that we don’t see? I’ll bet more than we realize.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “This is devastating for Democrats, this video. So you probably won’t see it shown too many times on some of your mainstream media because they don’t want to hurt that candidate’s chance of getting elected, but to see soldiers being assaulted and they’re afraid to react too hard because if they do something that’s too much, they know their lives could be ruined. This is the danger of the kind of anti law policies we have right now.” 

Barkdoll said, “I would be curious to hear some commentary today from somebody with Border Patrol, or Homeland Security. I guess I didn’t realize the setup down there. So you’ve got those rows of razor wire, which would clearly be a deterrent, but even though that gang gets through that razor wire, it’s not like they’re just rushing into the country. It looks like the razor wire’s about 50 yards in front of that big steel barrier. I wonder what the idea is of having that double barrier there? Maybe it’s because of exactly the video we watched. If they do get through barrier number one, barrier number two is still there to stop them. I’ve not seen any reporting on what they did with this group of 100 people. Were they processed? Did some of them get asylum? Were some of them turned back into Mexico? What did they do with these people?”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM suggested, “Put them on a plane and send them to Martha’s Vineyard is what they should do. Send them to Delaware. Send them right in front of Joe Biden, wherever he is. If you’re supporting Joe Biden and you’re making a donation to Joe Biden, and that’s what you want more of, male migrants cramming over the southern border, running past the razor wire, pushing over guards, if that’s your guy, please stop listening to my radio station. You should be damn ashamed that this southern border is Joe Biden’s border and he’s putting it on you, your kids, your grandkids, your family, the infrastructure of the country. All of this is on Joe Biden and if you’re continuing down that path, turn us off.”

Barkdoll said, “The PA Senate did pass that non binding resolution calling on the governor to deploy National Guard troops to the southern border. Shapiro is not going to do it. The Senate knew he would not do it. But their goal of course is to bring attention to the issue which I think they’ve done. Shapiro is just not going to engage in it. He sees that as going against Biden, his friend, which is very unfortunate.”

A budget package that the US House is considering today apparently includes $500 million new dollars for increased border security. 

Barkdoll said it would be “in the form of more Border Patrol agents and other security measures at the border. So that is one positive thing that would be moving through this package, assuming that it passes.”