With Vice President Harris being tasked with looking at the border crisis, is anything being done?

June 8 – Months ago, President Joe Biden asked Vice President Kamala Harris to look into the issues at the southern border of this country (pic from RepJohnJoyce Facebook post 17 April 2019).

A lot of people are wondering what, if anything, is being done with the mess?

Instead of actually going to the southern border between Texas and Mexico, Harris is in Guatemala promising a whole lot of money.

Congressman John Joyce joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen to talk about the southern border this morning on First News.

Joyce said, “It’s a crisis. It’s a direct result of the Biden administration’s open border policy and rhetoric. Biden and Harris who’s there in Guatemala campaigned on opening the border. So we’re facing an unprecedented crisis. A humanitarian crisis, a security crisis, a drug crisis on the southern border. And that’s on the shoulders of the Biden/Harris administration.”

Border crossings are at a 21-year high right now.

Joyce said, “Instead of going to the border, she (Harris) travels to Guatemala. This is one trip and it can’t reverse what they’ve set up, the damage that has been incentivized by allowing migrants to attempt this dangerous travel across our border. This trip that she’s doing it’s not about solutions. It’s about shifting the blame away from Biden. And you know what? It sits squarely on the Biden administration’s shoulder. They’re playing games. They’re playing games with our national security. And they’re playing games with the drugs that continue to permeate into our country. Harris needs to go to the border. She needs to witness first hand this crisis. And she needs to hear from the courageous border patrol officers who are the front line of this crisis. We can’t afford any more inaction.”

An open border brings in a whole lot of drugs.  

“I hear this,” Joyce said. “I hear it every day. I heard about the consequences of the border crisis at home, in our communities, and we know we are a border state because this crisis brings the illegal drugs trafficked right into Franklin County, right into Fulton County, right into Adams County. These are drugs that originate in China or elsewhere and they come across the porous southern border and they end up on our street. They end up spurring addiction and they end up killing family and friends and neighbors.  This has to stop.”

Customs and border patrol agents seized more fentanyl in the lasts few months than they did all of last year.

Joyce said, “So more to date in the first few months of 2021 than the entirety of 2020 under the leadership of President Trump. You know I’ve been a strong supporter of border security and when I visited the border and saw drugs that had been captured, but had been destined to come to Pennsylvania I realized that a sovereign nation needs to have borders. They need to have protection and we must restore the law and order on our southern border. From day one I’ve been a supporter of a border wall. The Trump border wall which was under construction, which had great impact, Biden has cut off at the knees. It’s time for the Biden administration to take responsibility for this crisis at our southern border. It is the Biden border crisis right now.”

Jansen added, “Harris was asked if she’s going to the border and she said I’m not into grand gestures.  That was her last comment on that which is just appalling. The Guatemalan president, he has said, ‘please stop encouraging them to come. Please. You’re destroying us.’ It’s amazing that they’re trying to do things that aren’t going to really affect what is hurting both those countries and ours.”