With the start of 2024 just around the corner, the world sure seems to be a real mess

December 27 – If you try to add up everything happening in the world right now, it sure makes a New Year look a little dim. 

North Korea was in the news last week for setting off more missiles. 

The war in Russia and Ukraine is showing no signs of abating. 

The horrors in the Middle East continue between Israel and Hamas. Now it looks like Iran may be revving up their nuclear program. 

On the front page of the Wall Street Journal we see “US Struggles to Spy on China.” 

And domestically, it looks like a group of officials will travel to the southern border to see what’s going on. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “We all know. We all see it. You can’t hide it. There’s a lot of things that are happening right now. Do I have them all?”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll suggested, “There’s probably more that we’re missing because again, Lebanon, it sounds like they’re about to engage in what’s going on in Israel and there’s just a lot of hotspots going on right now. It’s not a good situation.”

In addition, we’re only about two weeks away from the start of the US presidential primary campaign season. 

Barkdoll said, “Iowa is in about two weeks, then the following week is New Hampshire, and then it’s off to the races for the next four to five months with primary elections.”

The trip to the southern border will get a lot of press. The US Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is in Mexico. 

Barkdoll added, “And Antony Blinken, the secretary of state, they are in Mexico today. The reporting is they’re going to lobby the Mexican president to try to keep these caravans of people moving south into Mexico instead of allowing them to move north. As I’ve been saying for months, I think this story and this problem is a major issue that’s going to hurt Democrats in next year’s elections because Biden has discounted this for years. Only recently does it seem like the administration is getting engaged, acknowledging that this is a problem.” 

Over the weekend reporting has shown that tens of thousands of migrants are moving north through Mexico to the border. 

Barkdoll said, “It’s a huge problem. Of course, a lot of these immigrants are not from Mexico. They’re coming in from Central Asia and even other parts of the world. So huge, huge problem.”

Israel and Gaza also heated up over the holiday. 

Barkdoll said, “The head of the Israeli Defense Forces, he’s now admitting this may be months until Israel thinks that they can regain control of Gaza. It’s proving to be a much tougher fight than they thought.” 

Moving to Ukraine and Russia, it looks like Ukraine apparently blew up a Russian warship over the weekend in Crimea. 

Barkdoll said, “That’s now heating up. Putin did an interview over the weekend suggesting he may now try to go into some other countries, to overtake some other countries in that area. So that’s getting the world’s attention and we could go on and on. All of these things, you put them all together, it’s not a good world situation right now.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “In times past, say 10 years or 20 years or more, this would be a disaster for any president planning on running with all this stuff going on, all these dumpster fires everywhere. All bad choices, bad decisions, horrible leadership and the people he put in charge of these different things, but the media just seems to be, they’re starting to go a little bit negative more on the economy, but he’s not getting the negative press he should be getting for all of this. And you talk about the border issue. When you have people coming across our border so blatantly in your face to the border security personnel. They feel very entitled. They’re thanking Joe Biden as they come across the border. Here’s something interesting. Have you seen how there are social media celebrities now arising among those coming to the United States and crossing the border illegally? I know there’s one guy, he’s making so much money for it that he keeps going back and forth and reporting on the efforts to get into the United and unfortunately they say he probably makes it look easier than it is and it’s only going to encourage more as we now see social media influencers on that front.”

Barkdoll said, “That does not surprise me. Some of this diplomatic meeting today is apparently a railway system in southern Mexico that a lot of these migrants are using once they get into the country to make it easier for them to move north through the country. So part of these talks today are Is there a way to shut down that rail system to make it harder for them to move north? Then secondly, is there some program that these people could be pushed back south so that they’re not as encouraged to come up here. But the numbers are getting worse. Last year, we thought it was a crazy number when it was almost 10,000 people a day. There’s reports now that some days it’s upwards of 20,000 people a day crossing that southern border, and you saw the pictures over the weekend these caravans of tens of thousands of migrants just marching in a group north through Mexico, headed to that US Texas border and there’s just no plan in place either from the US or from Mexico, for that matter, to stop it.”

Jansen noted, “You won’t be surprised to know that TikTok is supporting these social media influencers where they’re using that platform to earn lots of money and encourage people to make these crossings. They need a program. Didn’t the last administration have a successful program with Mexico to keep people from crossing the border that the current president, President Biden did away with when he became president?”

Barkdoll confirmed, “It was certainly more effective than we have now. Now, it didn’t totally eliminate it, but it certainly was more effective than we have now. I would add to this discussion, too, I don’t even know if I would call it a program, whatever the policy is right now that Biden has not working, but you’re seeing all of these Democratic mayors in those southern border towns openly coming out and they’ve been doing this now for months saying we just can’t keep doing this. It’s hurting the citizens in those towns. The schools are overrun. There’s no housing for these people. It’s greatly straining the infrastructure and other social safety net programs. Of course, we’re seeing that even now from people like the mayor of New York City, Chicago, Boston, as these buses have been moving these migrants to their cities. Well now the mayors are also admitting they can’t keep doing this. They need the federal government, the Biden administration, to take action.”