With the $1.2 trillion spending bill officially law, a lot of people wonder if this debt will ever end

March 26 – President Joe Biden signed a $1.2 trillion spending package on Saturday, passed by both the House and Senate, to keep the government operational until October 1. 

While that’s all well and good for maintaining the government, it also means the national debt continues to balloon. 

A whole lot of people are wondering when it will end? 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “I’m stunned at Speaker Johnson’s willingness to break the rules of giving (House members) three days to look at this bill, of allowing this thing to be done when according from Representative Thomas Massie, if he had just done a continuing resolution to get us past April 30 or delayed things till then, we wouldn’t have this debacle spending that came out of the Senate version of this bill.”

Congressman John Joyce said, “This is ridiculous and reckless spending that’s occurred. We voted on it last Friday. I voted against that and it violated the rules, the rules that we as Republicans put into place, but let’s just look at the text of the bill. There were so many things that were wrong with this legislation. It continued the flawed Department of Defense policy of providing your and my taxpayer dollars to fund abortions. You knew I would be a no vote on that. It also failed to direct appropriate resources to secure our southern border, a border that I visited with Speaker Johnson just months ago. It directed millions of again, our taxpayer dollars, to organizations that fund abortions and actively encourage illegal immigration. I was a hard no on this piece of legislation. Then following up on Friday night, Customs and Border Protection announced that there were almost 200,000 illegal immigrants who were encountered on the southern border in February. That’s the highest February ever recorded by the Department of Homeland Security. In that piece of legislation, there was money to be spent for climate change research on our border, but no more enforcement mechanisms were put in place. This is unacceptable to the constituents in south central Pennsylvania. It is unacceptable to their representative in Congress. I voted no against it. I do not understand how this could be a rush to order when we had other options that were available. We can’t afford to continue to go down this path that leaves our border insecure. We can’t continue to allow this reckless spending to continue. I will vote against pieces of legislation, whether they’re brought in a timely fashion or in an untimely fashion as this one was. I can’t allow this to continue on my watch.” 

Jansen asked, “Do you know or can you speculate why in the world Speaker Johnson, a man you have great admiration for, would have caved to this kind of scenario? We’re seeing Republicans who are jumping ship. Mike Gallagher is just appalling to me, his announcement to leave but wait until they can’t have a special election to replace him. What is with this? Is that part of this? Why would Speaker Johnson go along with this?”

Joyce said, “I can’t answer for him. I look forward to talking to him about this. On Friday, I waited to speak to him and wasn’t given that opportunity. Then we went into the break for Easter. These are questions that need to be answered. This is not the conservative leadership that I expect from any speaker of the House of Representatives, let alone from a Republican.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM wondered, “Do you think if the vote takes place, I know Marjorie Taylor Greene would like to see the exit stage left of the speaker. Where would you vote on that and do you think that actually has any legs?”

Joyce said, “Well, ultimately I went against leadership and voted no on this bill because it didn’t accomplish what we did, and on the motion to vacate, I don’t think this is the time to switch quarterbacks in the middle of the game. I want an explanation from Mike Johnson. It’s time right now to focus on fiscal year ‘25 and that budget process that has already started and show that we’re going to be united against the Biden administration’s reckless spending. The next budget deadline is coming up, and it will be our last chance before the November election. We can’t afford to take time and a lengthy process to elect a new speaker again right now. But I need a commitment from the speaker that we need to move forward, follow the rules that are in place and allow our border to be protected and allow some fiscal restraint to come into the discussion. We need to show the American people that we are ready right now to unite and stand up against Joe Biden.”

Jansen added, “With the irresponsible House members leaving, I mean Kevin McCarthy, Mike Gallagher, I can’t believe these men honestly, abandoning their posts, what they were elected to do it, my goodness, have the backbone and the courage to stay until the end of your term and then leaving the Republican Party with it’ll be one vote lead so I think I have to agree with you. This would throw things into chaos to switch speakers right now. But you really won’t be in a position to do much until things change with the election with only that one vote majority after Gallagher, if he actually indeed does leave. I hope he changes his mind. It’s just going to be nonsense between now and the end of the year. I don’t know how you get anything accomplished.”

Joyce said, “It’s difficult with such a narrow majority to get anything accomplished. But we have to keep our eye on that ball and we have to move forward. I look for no other individuals to walk away from the oath of office that they took. We have to remain united and continue to support our common sense conservative values. Let’s face it, Republicans bring many different people, many different ideas. It is the people’s House and we recognize the individuality of each district that has to occur, but right now we are in the majority, albeit a very narrow majority and we have to move forward because we have months until President Trump is back into office and the ship is righted.”

Jansen said, “I like your positive attitude. We have to also talk about this because this was one of the things that the Biden administration announced right after and it turns out yeah, there’s money for this in that bill. The National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center has a way for the federal government to put its thumb or carrots related to red flag laws that are passed in different states and municipalities. This is shocking, it looks like many people feel an erosion of Second Amendment rights because of the government’s influence.”

Joyce said, “I think we recognize that the Biden administration has continued to show that it cares more about liberals than it does about constitutional liberties. You and I recognize that the Second Amendment rights are guaranteed to Americans. So by Biden establishing an office to support red flag laws, it is simply unacceptable and more to the point, it is unconstitutional. We know that these laws are often used to target law abiding citizens like you, like me. These tactics, they really fall and impinge on our constitutional rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment and it’s another example going back to my point that we need President Trump’s back in the White House. We need to have the ship righted. We need to have the ability to go in the right direction and that direction is outlined for us by that great document, the United States Constitution.”