With our federal government such a mess, will anything ever get done? 

February 7 — In a time in history when we’ve got record inflation, a wide open southern border, wars breaking out in all parts of the world, this is when we need our legislators more than ever. 

But instead of buckling down and getting bills through, it seems like all that’s happening in Washington is more in-fighting and back-stabbing. 

Take President Joe Biden for example. His administration has had the fewest press interviews and press conferences of any president in almost 50 years. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “His campaign is spinning now saying well that’s deliberate. We’re adopting this new strategy to keep a low profile. I don’t think the public is buying any of that. Our government in DC is a mess.”

There is currently a border package in the US Senate that would spend $118 billion and includes aid to Ukraine and Israel. 

The bill would deport criminal aliens immediately after they cross the border and increase border patrol recruitment and hiring. 

There may be the 60 votes needed to pass it, but what will happen when it hits the US House of Representatives? 

Barkdoll said, “Speaker Johnson is saying he will not bring it to the House floor for a vote. You’re now seeing calls and a lot of reporting overnight Republicans in the Senate, they want Mitch McConnell out of there. Ted Cruz is explicitly calling for his ouster. You’re seeing some other Republican senators saying they want a change.”

The House isn’t much better in terms of not getting things done. 

Barkdoll said, “They failed to impeach Mayorkas. Johnson is now getting a lot of criticism from House Republicans saying why did you put this on the floor without knowing the votes were there to do it? A lot of people feel embarrassed by it. After the Mayorkas impeachment failed, the US House then voted on that standalone Israeli aid bill that Johnson was pushing. That got defeated 250 to 180. It wasn’t even close. That’s also causing a lot of blowback against Johnson saying why are you putting all these things on the floor when the votes clearly are not there to pass? I don’t know where all this lands. My takeaway is between the dysfunctional Senate, House and White House, I think it’s business as usual. Nothing’s going to get done on any of these things.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “Then you hear Schumer coming out and threatening the American people with if we don’t get this thing passed, your sons and daughters are going to be fighting in Ukraine. If it’s that important to fund Ukraine, separate that out from anything with the border. This isn’t a border bill. It’s an immigration bill. It doesn’t do anything to solve that problem. I think it locks things in that the future presidents will have to deal with something that will be very negative for the country. If it’s that important to fund Ukraine, break it out from all of this nonsense, but no, we have to hold knives to each other’s throats to try to get things to get anything done and nothing really gets done well.”

Barkdoll noted, “If the House couldn’t pass Israeli aid for $17.6 billion, I’ll bet a Ukraine standalone aid bill in the House would be even worse, it would go nowhere. They’re all about to go on recess for two weeks, so I’m not optimistic you’re going to see any action on this.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM insisted, “That is just ridiculous. I mean, recess.” 

Jansen added, “The country is in chaos, and you’re going to go on two weeks’ break.” 

Ryan continued, “Recess. Real impressive here, but this is what we have allowed to happen and how we reverse thrusters is anybody’s guess. First we’ve got to get it right in November and get rid of this coward and the worst president in American history.”