With 71 percent of American people believing this Country is going the wrong way, the election tomorrow could not be more critical

November 1 – We’re almost at the 11th hour for what we’ve been talking about all month.

Election Day is tomorrow and it is mission critical that YOU get out to VOTE and have your voice be heard in these local elections.

Borough Councils. Township Supervisors. Mayors. School board candidates.

A lot could change locally after tomorrow and if you are one of the 71 percent thinking the country is going the wrong way, you’ve GOT to get out and VOTE.

An NBC Wall Street Journal poll shows 71% of people think the country is going the wrong way.

Allen Coffman, Councilmember for the First Ward in Chambersburg; attorney Clint Barkdoll; Pat Ryan; and Michele Jansen discussed how important tomorrow truly is.

Ryan said, “If you have any idea how the left ran the campaign for the president of the United States, they kept him quiet. They kept him in the basement. It was a TV show and then all of a sudden your world is falling apart at the hands of Joe Biden. You tell me. Are you part of the 71% saying we’re going the wrong way? You be very careful with your vote tomorrow. Please and thank you.”

Coffman, as chair of the Franklin County Republican Committee, added, “The big races to a lot of people are the judicial races and they haven’t been talked about enough. Four candidates running for the various level state courts, Supreme Court, Commonwealth Court, Superior Court, all have candidates. There’s also four judges that are up for retention and hardly anyone has talked about that and oh yes, all four of them are Republicans and they do need to be retained to keep somewhat of a balance on our court system. Locally, I think everybody knows what that one’s all about. It’s a Borough Council race on this one and as I’ve said before, I think we’ve got the best slate of Republicans running on this one that we’ve had probably in 20 years and I’m happy with it. I know we’ve got candidates that have worked for this for borough council. They’ve been out beating the pavement for weeks. They deserve a good look and they deserve to be voted in and stop this idiocy that we’re dealing with some of these issues on council. It’s crazy.”

Jansen will moderate a Q&A for all six candidate of the Shippensburg Area School Board tonight at the Courtyard by Marriott at 7 p.m. It will also be streamed online.

Some questions have already been created, including how they define Critical Race Theory and how will the district approach vaccines for children 5 and up after they’ve been approved by the FDA and government?

Audience questions will also be taken.

Barkdoll said, “I think these forums are really important. If you’re undecided or you’re not plugged into who these candidates are, these are great opportunities to see these people, hear how they answer questions on their feet. Many times you have the opportunity before and after the event to also talk to them privately if have additional questions, so these can be really, really valuable for voters.”

In Chambersburg Area School District a whisper campaign came to light a few weeks ago from Noel Purdy aiming for the Finucane seat on the school board.

Ryan said, “Noel Purdy, president of the Franklin County Coalition for Progress and if you want to see everything about them, just look at their website and that’ll give you a clear definition of what they stand for and what Joan Smith who is not interested in a liberal agenda, who is interested about math, science and forwarding kids’ education and not so worried about what’s below the belt, but what’s going into these kids’ ears. So what happens if someone is finally getting wind of oh, there was a whisper campaign? We weren’t transparent, out in the open here? We were making phone calls a long time before a run for school board here? How can I pull that back? If I made a mistake on a write-in and I wanted to change my mind at the last second, can I do that?”

“No,” Barkdoll said, “Not in Pennsylvania. Once you’ve cast that mail-in ballot, you’re stuck with that for better or worse. Now there is a scenario if you’ve requested a mail-in ballot and did not vote, you’re perfectly allowed to show up to vote in person tomorrow and that’s valid. There have been cases over the years where people have cast their mail-in ballot, they then show up to the poll on Election Day and ask for a provisional ballot, but as soon as the poll workers see that you had already cast your ballot, your live ballot is not going to count. This scenario you’re describing, though, I think is a real challenge for these write-in candidates. Remember there are hundreds and hundreds of votes that have already been cast, if not thousands, over the past three weeks. Many of those votes were cast before some of these write-in candidates had even announced they were running, so that is a real challenge for them tomorrow because this new dynamic with early voting has changed the old playbook. You can’t just wait and announce the week before the election anymore.”

Ryan pointed out, “It is unusual that someone hasn’t gotten a little bit more of their ire up about this. You learn in the last 24/48 hours that a candidate has been compromised and you’ve already put in the vote for that candidate and there’s no way of getting that back. How is it that we didn’t figure out a way to make that right so that I didn’t know about this candidate and then all of a sudden, we found convictions? How is it that we didn’t bake that in in the first place?”

Barkdoll said, “This is a valid criticism around the country because states keep expanding this no-excuse early voting and even Election Day has almost become a misnomer. It’s more like election month because again, you can be voting for weeks before the calendared Election Day and the scenario you described is a real concern, but there’s been no great way to address it. Once you’ve cast that ballot, even if the sand shifts and you learn new things one way or the other, once that ballot is cast, that’s what you’re going to be stuck with voting.”

With 71 percent of Americans feeling the country is headed the wrong way, could that affect the outcome tomorrow as well? 

Barkdoll said, “The right track, wrong track numbers continue to trend against this administration. You look at even Democrats and Independents where they were in April versus where they are now, he continues to get more and more under water. I think this bodes well for Republicans certainly going into tomorrow and into next year, but bigger picture, he has problems. Biden doesn’t seem to have the political skills that some of his predecessors have had and week after week it just seems like there’s new problems. He doesn’t seem as engaged as you’ve seen prior presidents in trying to get some of this stuff hammered out. Even this infrastructure bill, great fanfare Friday. He went over the Capitol Hill. They had a press conference. Now it’s looking like again that thing may be in doubt. The votes just aren’t there to pull it off. So I think he has real political problems. Go up and down Main Street. Anybody you talk to, they are recognizing these clear problems we’re having in the country.”

Ryan said, “Tomorrow is the big day. It’s got to be about turnout. You’ve got to show up. They’re counting on you not showing up as a matter of fact, so we need all hands on deck for tomorrow. Borough Council. The mayoral race in Chambersburg. The school board race.”

Barkdoll pointed out, “We know historically turnout will be low on these off year elections. It’s not clear if we’re going to know the answer to who won those races tomorrow night or even Wednesday morning because the way these write-in votes get reported it could take several days until we have a confirmed answer on who has won these races.”