With 300,000 illegal border crossings in December, it looks like January could be the same 

January 29 — With as much talk as we’ve had about the southern border recently, that’s all it’s been — talk. 

Reporting showed 300,000 people crossed the southern border between Mexico and Texas in December alone and as of now in January the number is up to 250,000. 

Those are just the numbers that we know of — that doesn’t count the ones that got away inside the US. 

While Congress has been working on a bill concerning the southern border, nothing is concrete right now. 

Not only is it not concrete, the details aren’t really even known. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “Can we see it? Apparently this is another one of these bunch of liars who won’t show you what you’re what they’re dealing with. This is ridiculous. I am so sick and tired of not being able to see what you’re putting forth because they’re counting on the American people not getting involved. They’re just counting on it. You know what? You better we’ll be screaming bloody murder to Bob Casey, who’s going to sell you out again. He doesn’t deserve to be in office. He does absolutely nothing. At least Fetterman has got some skin in the game, and is actually putting his foot down on this one. I can’t believe I’m saying that about Fetterman. But how is this that we can’t see? I pay for your salary. I paid for the paper and I can’t see anything?”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “The numbers in it are still way too high. We don’t have all the details, but here’s the high-level takeaway that they released on Friday, under this bill once there have been 5,000 border encounters a day, so that’s 150,000 a month. But at 5,000 a day, the border then gets shut off. No one else is allowed to come in. Well, what a lot of people are pointing out, you do the math on that, that’s still 1.8 million illegal immigrants a year. That is still a blockbuster number, and that’s what the critics are pointing out. Why is it 5,000? Why not lower it to a few hundred or why is it any at all?”

The proponents of the bill are insisting it’s still better than what we have now. 

Barkdoll said, “But speaker Johnson and others in the House over the weekend said this thing is dead on arrival. It’s going to go nowhere in the House. It’s unclear where this may go by the end of the week.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “To hear Senator Lankford and some of these other defenders, GOP Senators defending doing this bill and sort of saying, oh, it’s better to get some of this taken care of now. We can’t let this go for another year. But I mean, refusing to demand from President Biden that he show that he can do this now. He doesn’t need any more legislation. Is Lankford and the others really that naive? Because he said oh, it’s not going to undo the fact that Joe Biden was so irresponsible for the last three years and people will remember that and they’ll vote him out. Well, first of all, we still don’t even know if he’ll be the candidate. People need to understand this is the Democratic Party’s position. It’s not just Joe Biden’s position. But but really with 95% of the mainstream media seemingly now just going to do everything they can to get a Democratic president elected, with no more objective press to call out power, are Senator Lankford and others like him really this naive that they think that this one way or the other doesn’t matter, you’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t. They will use this against Republicans and by even negotiating these kinds of things, they’re just opening the door for them to blame Republicans but they’ll do it either way. Why do you give them any credence on agreeing when we know every time there’s a deal so called on the border bipartisan, it hasn’t stopped the flow.” 

Barkdoll agreed, “That’s the dilemma. Lankford’s one Republican Party in Oklahoma censured him this weekend, saying that they thought he was too out of touch on this immigration issue. Even Trump at the rally in South Carolina, he’s saying no deal, zero deal. He wants this problem to be on the feet of Biden and the Democrats, doesn’t want Biden and the Democrats getting any credit for any kind of a deal. That’s where voters have flipped saying we don’t want to deal now. Let’s just let it ride and see what happens until next year.”

Politico had a few focus groups over the weekend that revealed about two thirds of Americans don’t care who gets credit, they just want something done. 

Barkdoll said, “They want something done on this. They want some kind of a deal to be made. But the deal that’s on the table doesn’t seem to be a great deal. It’s just baffling. Why can’t the Democrats and Republicans in the House and the Senate get together and figure this out when you’ve got a vast majority of Americans demanding action on it?”