Winter weather is upon us and Chambersburg says they’re prepared with salt, plows, and everything in between

06 January 2024- With the first snowfall of 2024 forecasted, the Borough of Chambersburg would like to remind the community of our snow rules.

  • Crews are called out under two circumstances: to lay down salt and cinders for icy or slippery conditions or to plow snow. Snow plowing is generally ineffective until 2 inches of snow has fallen although after 1 inch, if plows are already out, they may drop their plows.
  • In general, Chambersburg Borough offices remain open normal hours during storms. However, many office employees will take leave time during inclement weather so it may take longer to process utility transactions or get service calls addressed.
  • Crews work on the Borough owned major streets, such as Stouffer, Orchard, Walker, Norland, etc. as a priority. They only address secondary side streets once major streets are passable. Alleys are often neglected until the end. Further, there are also many state-owned roads in Chambersburg that are cleared by crews from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation such as Main Street, Second Street, Scotland, Loudon, College, Queen Street, Wayne Avenue, and Lincoln Way.
  • Remember, the policy in Chambersburg, where so many cars park on the street, is to clear only the cartway; to push the snow out of the center of each street and leave a clear travel lane in the center for emergency vehicles. We do not plow curb to curb. We do not generally clean parking spaces.
  • The Borough or our contractors may clear downtown parking lots and parking spaces but usually 24 to 48 hours after a storm; and, it is based on how much snow accumulated.
  • If the Borough declares a snow emergency, that only has two impacts: first, it permits the Police to tow away disabled cars stuck in the snow; and second, it prohibits parking on N. Seventh Street and Coldbrook Avenue adjacent to Chambersburg Hospital.
  • We do not ban on-street parking in a storm because many residents cannot move their cars. We do not have garages for them to store their cars in a storm.
  • Be careful when attempting to dig out driveways, cars or your sidewalks. Do not stand in front of traffic.
  • Remember, you are prohibited from throwing snow back into the street. Keep snow off the streets. You can be ticketed for throwing snow into the street.
  • In addition, as for sidewalks, you will have at minimum, 24 hours from the end of the storm to attempt to clear all sidewalks before Borough inspectors hit the street to insure they have been cleared. You can call the Borough’s 24/7 Customer Service Center at 717-263-4111 to find out when sidewalk inspections might take place. Inspectors take photos of all sidewalks that fail inspections. Citizens can challenge these tickets by requesting a hearing before the District Magistrate Judge, usually in the spring or summer.
  • The Chambersburg Police also remind citizens that the public street is open to the public. Just because you dig out a parking space, does not mean you can reserve it with a lawn chair or other obstruction. You cannot place obstructions into the public street. Call the police non-emergency number to complain if you see such obstructions: 717-264-4131.
  • During bad weather, please do not attempt to drive or travel unless you are an emergency responder or work in an essential job category. It’s best to stay home if possible.
  • Whether the Chambersburg Area School District is open or delayed is a decision made by the district and not the Borough. Watch for district and school updates.
  • For all customer service questions regarding snow plowing and snow removal call the Borough’s 24/7 Customer Service Center at 717-263-4111.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact Chuck Nipe, Director of Public Works at