Winter comes next week and that means…. ICE FEST!

14 December 2023- Downtown Chambersburg Inc., the Downtown Business Council and the Council for the Arts are looking forward to Chambersburg’s IceFest 2024 from Thursday, January 25, till Sunday, January 28. The winter festival features over 47 tons of ice carved into over 100 various sculptures, including the giant ice throne and the ice slide, two fan favorites. This cherished annual festival is made possible by the support of the Presenting Sponsor, M&T Bank, and several supporting sponsors such as Manitowoc, Wilson College, and more.

Since 2002, residents of Chambersburg have anticipated the festival, known to be the largest ice festival in the state. Numerous activities are sponsored by local businesses and other organizations, and these businesses often have IceFest specials to enliven the festivities.

“IceFest has turned into quite an event!” says Sam Thrush, President of Downtown Chambersburg, Inc., and one of the organizers of the winter festival. “Companies will host parties for their teams downtown, out-of-town family members will return home to enjoy the activities, and businesses will have some of their biggest winter sales. IceFest truly has something for everyone and is a great opportunity to showcase Chambersburg to the surrounding region. When businesses are looking to relocate, or new investors inquire about our downtown, I always tell them about the magic of IceFest,” says Thrush.

One of the businesses that embraces the magic of IceFest is Here’s Looking at You, a women’s clothing boutique on South Main Street. Here’s Looking at You extends their hours and runs a sale over the IceFest weekend, and they plan to continue the tradition for 2024.

Penny Shaul, proprietor of the boutique, helps to organize the festivities each year as chairperson of IceFest. “I love the bustle,” she says. “It’s so great to see so many people downtown during the event…While they are enjoying IceFest, they also notice all of the amazing businesses that are here.”

Shaul expresses her appreciation for how the Chambersburg community contributes to the event each year. “I am always so thankful for the number of sponsors we get for the event,” she says. “M&T is always so generous as our Presenting Sponsor, and every year we have new businesses that want to be involved with ice and other sponsorships. Also, the number of volunteers that have come to help the committee with all the activities is amazing. The event is almost completely organized and executed by volunteers. To me, that shows such pride in our community, wanting to have this incredible event for our town.”

To learn how to sponsor IceFest or to see the schedule of events, go to or visit IceFest Pa on Facebook.