Williamsport, MD man allegedly caught selling meth multiple times to PSP Informants

24 August 2023- Pennsylvania State Police apprehended a Maryland man in February following a series of sales they allegedly saw him carry out involving meth in Franklin County. Sherman Hanson Eaves is charged with three counts of felony distribution of a controlled substance and felony criminal use of a communications facility. Eaves failed to post bail of $10,000.

On January 19th of 2023, Sherman Eaves allegedly sold methamphetamine to another person while in the presence of police in Franklin County. The meth was later recovered and transported to PSP Chambersburg before heading to Harrisburg for lab analysis.

On January 24th, Eaves again allegedly sold meth to a person in the presence of PSP. The drug was collected and field tested, allegedly showing positive signs for being methamphetamine. This bag of drugs was, too, sent to Harrisburg for analysis.

Finally, on February 9th of this year, Pennsylvania State Police approached Eaves in the rear parking lot of 767 Broad Street in Chambersburg Borough. A search of him by drug force task members found three vials of liquid and four Ziploc baggies of meth on his person. Eaves allegedly waived his right to silence and told police the vials were water in which he put meth into. He additionally told police that he was meeting someone at that location and was going to sell it all to someone for $300. Troopers and Task Force Members found that Eaves had been using his cell phone to arrange the deals.

Sherman Eaves is behind bars on $10,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for September 5th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000190-2023, Incident No.: PA 2023-173390