Will we all ever be able to be on the same page with the crisis in the Middle East? 

February 21 – For many years, the conflict in the Middle East has been full of blood and a lot of controversy. 

After the October attacks by Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip last year, our world, country and state has seemed divided on the issue. 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “We do still keep struggling as a country, as a state with the whole idea of what’s going on in Israel. It just seems insane that we’re not all on the same page on this so easily. But we see Biden trying to accommodate the far left in his party because polls keep showing they don’t like him supporting Israel and I feel like he’s thrown them under the bus several times in the last a few weeks, even the night of the big push back for his mental health. He made the mistake of coming back out to try to I think shore up points with that far left, supporting the idea that innocent Palestinians are being killed and saying that Israel’s response has been too much. We have some ties here to our state of course, because Treasurer Garrity has come out saying that we’re going to do some additional bond purchases, Israel bonds which are very secure. We already have a large investment in them, but this is seen as support for Israel. So criticism of her.”

State Senator Doug Mastriano said, “You have to wonder what do the Mullahs in Iran think and what does Putin think in Russia? He sees weakness and I think the world is unstable and the world’s on fire in large part because they see weakness in the United States with our leader. I feel like this is like Claudius in Rome. He was kind of like the guy that was spared during the purge after the Caesars passed away and right before Caligula, is kind of like an absent minded guy who could have bumbled a lot. I just never thought it’d happen in America.”

PA’s Treasurer Stacy Garrity wants to include $20 million in bonds for Israel. 

Mastriano said, “Hats off to our treasurer in her support for Israel. It’s an investment by the people of Pennsylvania. I’m glad we were not investing in Russia or China or Iran. Because that’s not always a given. Obviously I’ve introduced legislation to get us out of China investments and I hope it passes because right now we’re investing in regimes that are dictatorships. So she has up to $56 million invested in bonds in Israel, which is fantastic. Now, Israel, let’s look at their response. So we’re hearing a lot of cries from the brainless people on the left. Oh, this is a genocide, stop the genocide. Israel was attacked, they lost 1,200 people, mathematically if you equate that to our 9/11 population-wise, that would be 30,000 dead Americans equal. Our response to losing 3,000 in America on 9/11 was to invade two countries, Afghanistan and Iraq and Iraq was clearly a war of choice and not a necessity and what a disaster that turned out to be. So Israel’s response is self preservation and anyone who was silent regarding Israel when they were attacked, when thousands of missiles were hitting them, when their people were taken as hostages should be silent now, but instead the lunatics on the left here can’t help themselves. They’re supporters of terrorists. They’re supporters of atrocities, things that are so bad that I can’t even look at them.”

Jansen added, “We had a bunch of protesters up at the Capitol, of course, we should talk about the destruction, the property damage of what they did to the Capitol steps, but they were saying oh, well, she should be investing in domestic priorities instead. Are those same people saying the same thing about the money we’re dumping into Ukraine? Of course, there’s a lot to go into that. It’s not black and white, but you would think there’d be some consistency because when people say we should put all that money into the Ukraine, the biggest problem is we haven’t been accounting for it very well, people say, well, why don’t we have investment in domestic priorities? Well, why do we keep getting this mixed message? No calls for a ceasefire in Ukraine.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “In fact, we’re being called out if we don’t support it, that we’re turning our backs on Ukraine. Didn’t you turn your back, Joe Biden, on Afghanistan?”

“Thank you,” Mastriano said. “How easy they forget this here. Additionally, if you have any question or you want oversight in Ukraine, now you’re a supporter of Putin. You support the Russians. You’re a traitor. You support Putin. It’s like, shut up. I mean, hundreds of millions, billions of dollars have gone to Ukraine. We don’t know what happened to the money. We don’t even know how the war really is going. We don’t know how many lives have been lost. We’re talking 50 to 100,000 or more on both sides here. I mean, where are the same voices on a ceasefire there? I agree. It’s hypocrisy.”

Ryan noted, “Four months after what has happened in Israel and it screams for this to come to a close. Now years with a proxy war with Russia, and no conversation at all. Nothing about a ceasefire, or nothing about what’s the end? It’s just the war machine, looking for more to go over to Ukraine and Russia and we’re being called out on it. It’s very disturbing.”