Will these encampments at colleges ever really end? 

May 9 – More arrests were made at George Washington University yesterday because people in pro-Palestinian encampments refused to leave the property. 

Student protestors – and others, as some reports have uncovered – have gathered at various spots on campuses throughout the country and quite literally, set up camp, with tents and all the supplies to protest the war in the Middle East.

Presidents of the colleges are handling the protests in a variety of ways, but at George Washington University, the police were called in and people were arrested. 

The protestors are pro-Palestine. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “These are the folks that are pro rape, pro murderer, pro hostages, the uneducated, bought and paid for spoiled brat children on these college campuses, getting arrested, getting outed and getting a one way ticket back to the very parents that didn’t parent in the first place. These protests are going to go on. These things don’t have any end here even after graduation.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll confirmed, “That’s the problem. Some of these protesters are saying they’re going to just stay on campus. At GW last night, this is the second if not the third time the president has brought police in to just do a sweep, a cleanup of those encampments and protesters, a lot of arrests. She’s testifying by the way today before the US House Oversight Committee and I’m sure she’ll offer a lot more comments on that.”

The former Republican Senator from Nebraska and current President of the University of Florida, Ben Sasse, is being looked at as a model for how to handle these protests. 

Barkdoll said, “He’s very clearly saying you don’t have a right to camp on campus. They wouldn’t allow this for any other group. Why would they allow it for this group? He has not allowed any of this stuff to get off the ground. The minute a camp tent goes up, police come in and get them out of there. It seems like that’s been a very effective way to keep this stuff away, at least on that campus. But you’re still seeing trouble bubble up off and on at these campuses all over the country. We’re still at the height of graduation season this week and next week.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “I’ve noticed an extraordinary number of articles coming out about the protests explaining anti Israel, pro Hamas, an explainer, all these articles, and then when I read them, they sound like NPR, frankly, covering this. They are very, very just here’s the facts, very surfacey. Then they get to all the wonderful things that Biden has said that make him look good. Then the horrible things that Trump has said about this make him look bad. I find them to be all remarkably similar. Young people are getting their news from TikTok. It looks like Russia, Iran and China are very much as much as possible supporting these protests, benefiting from these protests. China certainly has an influence on TikTok and the idea that our young people are getting their news and information about this from TikTok I think is quite frightening and I think it goes along with the idea that we need to somehow disconnect this from these propaganda countries who want to do nothing but put some bad propaganda into the states. My last comment is the calls for the guillotine? Really? The calls for the death to the president of the college and the fact that they keep allowing people to remain masked on campus and unidentified. As Sasse said, we’d never let any other groups camp out on campuses. Why are we allowing this? It feels like we’re heading into another summer of George Floyd. Surprise, surprise, it’s a presidential year. People really have to wake up to how this whole thing seems to be being manipulated.”

Barkdoll said, “How does the politics play out? In a weird way, I do think this hurts Biden, this image of lawlessness, rich kids at elite universities doing this stuff. I think it probably helps Trump and it hurts Biden, even though maybe none of that should come into play, especially if this starts extending all through the summer, which on some of these campuses, these protesters are now threatening to do. It’s a really weird situation. One other piece to that, keep an eye on this Democratic National Convention in Chicago. We know that in 1968, the Chicago convention there was riddled with chaos and all kinds of protests. There’s already some rumblings that these protest groups are trying to organize some kind of a big event in Chicago? No doubt security will be unprecedented at that convention. But again, if they do that, I do think this starts to spill into the presidential election, whether that’s right or wrong. I think the reality is it could happen.”

Jansen said, “I agree and the idea that it hurts Biden, I don’t think they care. There’s even evidence that materials found when they cleaned out some of these campsites show this kind of protest, BDS and anti Israel protest was planned for this summer even before October 5, and Hamas’s attack. So they just enhanced it all. There had to be some way to disrupt and cause chaos in the presidential year, just like there was with George Floyd, another incident that the flames were fanned. People just stood back and kind of watched it and let it go on. Let’s just hope we’ve learned and we won’t keep letting it go on despite some of the campuses letting it go on. I would hope that that wouldn’t happen. By the way, that was George Washington University where they were calling for beheadings of school administrators, if you want to hear some bizarre extremist language that in any other context there’d be calls for the FBI, calls for extra investigation. I don’t really see that at this point.”