Will there ever be any accountability for the COVID pandemic?

December 19 – The US House of Representatives recently convened a select subcommittee on the Coronavirus pandemic to try to uncover what happened with the World Health Organization and their part in the pandemic. 

The hearing brought about some interesting results. 

Congressman John Joyce, who was a member of that subcommittee, said, “This is something we’ve worked on since the first outbreak and because the World Health Organization does not have any policing power. Let me repeat that. WHO doesn’t have any policing power. The International Health Regulations which are a legally binding agreement, require that all countries conduct surveillance on any potential international health threats. China abused that loophole. China withheld COVID-19 information from the world. China withheld that from the United States. So for months, China knew about the virus. They knew it came from their own lab. They knew it was spreading and they didn’t lock down travel throughout the world. They locked down travel within China, but they allowed international travel to continue.”

This information has all been uncovered through the subcommittee hearing. 

Joyce continued, “They knew, China knew, that this virus was spreading and you know what? They concealed it from the world. So the World Health Organization caved. They caved in to the Chinese Communist Party, and they placed the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Communist Party interests ahead of his international responsibilities during the COVID pandemics. Our intelligence sources have shown that the Chinese Communist Party lied. They lied about the extent of the outbreak, and they used the World Health Organization to cover up this dishonesty. The World Health Organization’s report, their own report on the origin of COVID-19 ignored the opinions of American scientists and gave the Chinese Communist Party full editing and veto powers. Again, they caved into the Chinese Communist Party and that resulted in an international cover up of the lab leak. So for months, you all saw it, you didn’t participate in it, but you saw it. Mainstream media outlets went along with it. They bought hook, line, and sinker. They attacked scientists, and they attacked President Trump and his administration for sounding the alarm on the lab leak. So what we got was more the same and it’s completely unacceptable. We would never have been able to hold this hearing and uncover these facts unless Republicans were in charge and based on the polling we’re seeing right now, we have a significant chance to win back the White House with President Trump, to win back the Senate and hold the House of Representatives in 2024.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “You’re going to have a hard time doing anything with China. You can have all these hearings you want. What are we going to do with China? Nothing.”

Joyce suggested, “This is going to allow us to win back the Senate, win back the White House and carefully decide whether they’re going to be an additional resource supplied to the World Health Organization. This is our opportunity. We have less than a year to be able to have that impact and we’re working hard right now in the House of Representatives to achieve that.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “Isn’t it amazing, though that Democrats seem to be oblivious that their own policies and they’re ignoring certain things have brought this about. It is the policies of the Democrat party that are causing all of these things to happen. It’s amazing to me that they don’t seem to understand it’s your policies creating these opportunities for these things to happen that you’re so outraged about now.”

Joyce said, “You understand this. I clearly understand this. And the people in Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional district understand this. We are continuing to push this message forward. Look, we’re going to have just 11 months when we’re back in session, after Christmas. We’re going to have 11 months to be able to push these agenda items forward. A lot of it is magnifying what the Democrats have done. We still have a Democrat Senate. We still have an incompetent Democrat in the White House. But this allows us to push that forward so that we can retake the Senate and retake the White House with President Trump.”

Reporting has shown that President Joe Biden has been taking out his low poll numbers on his staff. 

Jansen said, “Once again, Democrats failed to realize the policies and the results of your policies are why people are saying I don’t want you anymore, Joe Biden.”

Ryan added, “But on the other side of that we should make no mistake there are a lot of these guys who have got the mechanisms in here and they’re trying to fool people into the polling here. I wouldn’t listen to Obama. I wouldn’t listen to Biden at all. We’ve got to fight like we’re 10 points behind because we are.”

Joyce said, “This weekend reports came out that Biden is lashing out as a staff about his collapsing poll numbers. Is that a staff or is that Biden’s incompetence? The meeting was reportedly held in November and since then, Joe Biden only continues to fall behind President Donald J. Trump and in key battleground states , like Pennsylvania, he continues to slip in the polls. In Pennsylvania we know the reason why. No matter what Joe Biden says, skyrocketing inflation has forced them to use their personal savings to pay for household goods. So Bidenomics has led to increased mortgage rates. We’ve seen real wages falling and we continue to see the cost at the grocery store rise. So yesterday, a national poll showed Biden’s approval rating at only 34%. Voters are tired of this. They’re tired of the failed liberal government and they recognize that it is time to send Joe Biden packing. It’s time to put Donald J Trump back into the White House.”