Will the US House interviews with Anthony Fauci FINALLY get some answers about COVID?

January 9 – Former Chief White House Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci sat in a closed-door meeting with the US House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on COVID yesterday and answered questions from legislators. 

Fauci will face another day of questions today, as well. 

Congressman John Joyce sits on that committee and is looking for answers. 

He said, “Today we enter day two. Let’s go back on how this all occurred. When I was first named to the Select Subcommittee on COVID. We sat down and outlined the plan, what questions were unanswered, and what witnesses we needed to hear from in order to answer those questions? At the top of that list, was Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci’s removal from public service doesn’t shield him from Congressional oversight and it does not shield him from accountability to the American people.”

Today’s testimony will lay groundwork for a public hearing before the subcommittee. 

Joyce said, “There’s a lot of prep work that went into this. More than 200 pages of questions and approximately 100 exhibits of Dr. Fauci which will be brought into light during these 14 hours of transcribed interviews. Fauci hasn’t appeared in front of the oversight committee since 2021. This interview is an opportunity to inquire about topics that haven’t been covered, but need to be covered. We’ve been talking about what prompted the proximal origin publication that downplayed what we all know was the likely source of COVID, a lab leak and Fauci was behind this proximal origin publication. We’ve asked about the CDC’s role in misleading the public narrative about natural immunity, which is a basic tenet of science. So today, we’re going to continue to ask those questions. We’re going to continue to ask about the lack of science behind lockdowns. We’re going to ask about the lack of any science behind school closures. It’s really time for Anthony Fauci to answer questions regarding what his role was in the pandemic era that we had to live through. So today’s testimony is a critical step. It’s a step in this subcommittee’s after action review as we seek to really do what we set out to do, to deliver the answers that the American people deserve.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “There’s been recent revelations that there were, it almost looks like and you’ll get some more answers on all of this, but a cover up when it comes to what happened with the National Institutes of Health and the gain of function research and the fact that they did know that the Wuhan lab was involved with this and to remember how that was sort of spilling out leaking out from different quarters, and all the denial by Fauci that there was anything about gain of function research that may have led to this and especially his absolute categorical denial that this came from a lab when he knew realistically that possibility was there.”

Joyce said, “That was one of the issues that we covered yesterday. We know that Fauci was aware of the dangerous gain of function research and we brought forth publications that Tony Fauci was the lead author, publications in BIO, an esteemed journal in science, an op ed that he was the lead author in The Washington Post. I’m going to just briefly give you one of the lines that we threw at him yesterday. ‘It is unlikely but conceivable, that if a scientist becomes infected with a virus that leads to an outbreak, this could ultimately trigger a pandemic.’ These are Fauci’s words! He published this in BIO, just over 10 years ago. How he turns away from his own beliefs, it’s very concerning to me, and he has not so far given us any explanation that I feel is valuable to why he would turn away from them. Fauci eroded the doctor/patient relationship by making Americans reliant on government bureaucrats, instead of their personal doctors. I’m going to continue to drive this message towards Anthony Fauci.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “The biggest question I have for you is, are we still spending any money anywhere on some of this research? A lot of people are wondering why is my money going to this and where is the money traveling and are we hiding it behind universities and shell organizations to try to unravel where the money is going? Is this stuff still going on?”

Joyce assured, “That’s what we’re looking for, and I’ll add to that list: is any of this going to non government organizations, the NGOs? Is the NIH continuing to fund those with gain of function? We voted to take that away, and made sure that Wuhan did not receive any additional funds, but you’re asking the right questions. Are there any other funds going other directions for gain of function research? That is the responsibility of what this subcommittee is looking into and that will ultimately be part of our report.” 

Jansen wondered, “Who’s really running this country? Because we have Lloyd Austin disappearing for days and nobody seems to even have understood that he was there, including his second in command, and others who should have known and now, Fauci, I don’t recall. I don’t remember. You’re the one in charge, Fauci. Who’s running this country? It sounds like a lot of bureaucrats.”

Joyce said, “It certainly isn’t Biden, is it? Because Biden was unaware that the Secretary of Defense was in the ICU, and the undersecretary was in the Caribbean on vacation. Who’s running the country? I want to see Donald Trump back running the country. I want to see true leadership occurring in the executive office. We don’t have that right now. Look, I want to see Lloyd Austin recover, but he’s still in the hospital and we don’t even know what he was hospitalized for. He was in the ICU, and the President of the United States didn’t know what was going on. This is frightening on so many levels, and don’t think that China, don’t think that Russia isn’t aware of this as well.”