Will the empty council seat be filled tonight in Chambersburg Borough Council? 

January 22 – With only one application handed in to fill a vacant seat on Chambersburg Borough Council for the Fourth Ward, could council decide not to accept the person? 

David Beltz, Sr. won the Fourth Ward seat in the November election, but opted out of serving because of health concerns. 

Council will meet tonight at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at 100 South Second Street in Chambersburg where they will vote on whether or not to accept the one applicant they received to fill the seat. 

Filling the seat requires a majority vote and it has to be done in public. 

What would happen if council decides against this person? 

Allen Coffman, borough council president, said, “By the calendar, I think we have until the 2nd of February to appoint somebody. I think we have one more council meeting between now and the 2nd of February. But long story short is if we don’t do that, then it goes to an appointment by the person who is designated to do that for the borough. So if we don’t make the decision, someone will make the decision for us. Our guy that handles civil service would be the person to do the appointment.”

The applicant will be unveiled tonight. 

Icefest will be January 25 to 28. It’s been happening since 2002. 

Coffman said, “I would hope that it’s going to be another banner year or maybe even more sculptures than last year.”

At the council meeting tonight, the group will discuss a liquor license. 

Coffman said, “We are having a hearing concerning a liquor license that would be transferred from Quincy Township to Weis Markets over on Wayne Avenue. It’s something that’s required by law to do when you move a liquor license. Liquor licenses can only move within the county. So whatever that finite number is, and I’m not sure what it is, people can buy or sell amongst each other, but they have to have a hearing of where it’s going to move to. So that’s what’s going to happen. We’ll have that public hearing.

The license would include beer and wine. 

Coffman said, “The only people that deal with hard spirits, distilled grain alcohol are the state stores. I don’t want to have a foregone conclusion, but there’s no houses that are around that area so there won’t be anybody that lives next door to it, so to speak, that would have any complaints about having that happen. So I don’t think there’ll be much discussion honestly.”

The official map for curbs and sidewalks will also be discussed. 

Coffman said, “That area would be Progress Road, between Orchard and Industrial drive. Since we had an official map now it takes official action to get things either taken on or put off of that official map. That would be the start of the discussion for that. When you look at it, and you look at what’s being promoted health wise, we talk about being a walkable community. We need to be that walkable community. We’re probably 75 or 80% done with sidewalks in the borough anyway.” 

It would fall to the homeowners to pay for those sidewalks. 

Coffman said, “That’s the way everybody else’s sidewalk went in. Everybody’s paid for their own. There have not been situations where the borough has paid for people’s sidewalks.”
For tonight’s agenda, click here.