Will State Senator Colonel Doug Mastriano run for governor?

November 18 – Talk has been bandied about for months as to whether or not Senator Doug Mastriano will run for Governor of Pennsylvania.

Mastriano is doing his homework before making any kind of official announcement. He’s created an exploratory committee to get a feel for how much support there is across the state if he made a run.

He’s looking at the polls and statistics as well.

Mastriano joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen on the local-live morning radio show, First News, to give listeners a feel for what he’s been up to.

Mastriano said, “Anywhere we’ve gone from Erie to Philadelphia for these specific events and venues, it’s been record crowds. For instance in Westmoreland County there was an event that we planned two weeks out it was at 350 people. There was no more room. We had 60 people on the waiting list and the lady planning the event she said she never saw this before with anyone in office. Usually it’s famous sports figures she has this issue with. That’s a great sign. So where we are is obviously to see if we can raise enough money to kick off a statewide campaign.”

Ryan asked, “How are you going to penetrate a Philadelphia with a guy like Brian Sims who yells at old women in front of an abortion clinic? Or how are you going to penetrate a Pittsburgh? You’ve got certainly good company here in Franklin, Fulton and southcentral Pennsylvania. What’s the action plan for the mess that is Philly?”

Mastriano said, “I already have a considerable base of support in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. If I can bring us back to May when we had the vote on the governor’s emergency powers. The tally out of Philadelphia was 30 percent of the vote were on our side of that issue of rolling back Governor Wolf’s power. I need to tap into that and I have. That’s going to be my base there in Philadelphia. Additionally, I do have a lot of roots in Philadelphia. My grandma grew up there. My great-great grandpa had a house north of Philadelphia. My wife and I met outside of Philadelphia. So obviously it’s familiar territory for us. This past two years of the crisis, a year and half, what have you, we’ve been able to extend our reach with these lives and our visits across the state here. It’s not new. I’m not going to be one of these guys that just jumps on the scene. We’ve been there steady from the get go. And I think when and if we do announce, it’s going to shock the establishment because the establishment will be like not realizing that we have the support across the state. I already have teams in every, single county. I’ve had teams in every, single county for over a year now.”

Ryan said, “I think that’s really valuable and I hope that folks on borough council, the new, incoming borough council, or the school board members that we’ve got up there will take a page out of your playbook. I’ve got to hear from you. I want to know what’s going on here. You are very transparent, have been from the beginning.”

Mastriano said, “That’s why I’m on interviews constantly. That’s why you see me on lives constantly. It’s to keep myself accountable and let people know what’s going on in Harrisburg, things otherwise they wouldn’t know about. I believe we only successfully passed the measures to strip the governor of his powers constitutionally because of such an approach, keeping the people informed. Every month I touch a million listeners on my Facebook alone. A million. Consistently. It’s monthly. Sometimes as high as 15 million touches and I get it, some of those are duplicates. That’s a massive reach. You can’t buy enough campaign ads to have that kind of a connection with people across the state.”

Ryan asked, “How important it is to have the right leadership, governor wise, in Pennsylvania and what you can do to shift things out of the radical left here?”

Mastriano said, “Or the RINO Republican. We just had Jake Corman enter of the race. He was supposed to announce on Veterans Day, abruptly canceled because he said he tested positive, but then he was doing a live, in-person interview with Dennis Owens yesterday. I don’t know what happened to the quarantine there. People are coming out. There are 16 people in the race now. That doesn’t include me because I haven’t announced. We’re going to be told by the establishment to settle for somebody because of the following reasons: they can raise money. They can do well in Philadelphia. Thank God Florida didn’t settle. They have Ron DeSantis. They had RINO soft, moderate options. They have Ron DeSantis. If we get into this race here, I’ll be the Ron DeSantis of Pennsylvania. We’ll take our state back.”

Ryan pointed out, “What did we have leading up to the Republicans? We had a Jeb Bush or a Mitt Romney. I mean you had certainly the ones that were so deep in the soup and the swamp.”

Mastriano said, “John McCain. Bob Dole. It was all their turn. It was Bob Dole’s turn. He’s a faithful, reliable Republican. Okay, it’s John McCain’s turn. Now another Bush. Thank God that dynasty’s pretty much over.”

Ryan said, “I like the position, too. There was also a report that came out, some sort of GOP straw poll. I saw the numbers that bode very well for you, although you’re not announced as an official candidate. There’s some research on there. You’re doing your explorations. We’re looking into things here. What was that PDF file that I glanced over and saw some good numbers for you?”

“It’s a Democrat poll,” Mastriano explained.

“It’s a Democrat poll?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah,” Mastriano confirmed. “So I paid for a poll in the spring. Barletta, Lou, has done two polls that I’m sure he’s paid for as well, and the Democrats did one just to get a feel what the Republican field looks like and they’re like oh crap, Mastriano’s still ahead. It’s funny the last poll that Lou did, you know he came out, hey I’m way ahead, but he took my name out of the poll. So it kind of cracks me up. The games they’ll play.”

Ryan said, “So he takes your name out because you haven’t declared?”

Mastriano said, “That’s what he said, but there was people’s names on there who haven’t declared as well. Anyway, it’s just games these politicians play. Let’s just be real. It should be about ideas and not nice hair or shiny teeth or slick campaign ads. This is about people who can get the stuff done.”

Ryan added, “Don’t forget about the bus. Our bus tour that stopped around the area with our dog out at the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter. The guy is a genius at raising money. Again I go back to what have you done for the commonwealth?”

Mastriano pointed out, “For the past year and half, almost two years, we’ve been fighting for our lives. People are being affected so much by policies from Governor Wolf and Joe Biden here and it’s just interesting now suddenly, these politicians crawl out of their foxholes after the fighting’s over and say they’re heroes and I will fight for you and I’m like where the heck have you guys been the past few years when we needed you? This is no game. I haven’t been alone. I had Stephanie Borowicz, Rob Kauffman and others with me, but it has been a lonely battle. Very few have stepped up to do anything when we were under all this pressure, even as we are even today.”

Jansen said, “I’ll be asking all of you, leading up to the primary, I’m going to be very much anyone who will come and talk to us, I’m going to be asking about exactly what I just brought up with you today because and I know you know, this ideology that we’re facing, that’s what happened with Virginia. People are very concerned and we have an out of control governor that has just strong-armed us into this. This Trauma Informed PA, he just smashed that through. We have Republicans who actually passed legislation supporting some of the trauma informed stuff. I’m sure they didn’t look into it and that’s the problem. The people on the far, extremist left they know what this is and they’re putting it in there with nice, soft, emotional-sounding words that everybody, oh yeah, I want inclusion, I want equity. They don’t look into what’s behind that and that’s what I’m going to start asking anyone who is taking these leadership positions, including the position you’re in right now. We’ve got to start paying attention because these things are overwhelming and once they’re in there, I mean whoever is governor next is going to have to rescind that and then they’re going to have to go to all the agencies and pull out this training that they’ve enforced on everybody and make sure people understand there’s ideology here. It’s not just common sense stuff that everybody would do. It’s actually changing the way we see each other and I think dividing us.”

“Agree,” Mastriano said.