Will anything really come from the Hunter Biden trial? 

June 6 — President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is on trial for allegedly illegally purchasing and possessing a gun while on drugs, which is a violation of federal law. 

Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to the charges. 

Testimony has been heard from the man who allegedly sold Hunter Biden the gun, as well as Hunter Biden’s ex-wife and ex-girlfriend and his brother Beau Biden’s widow. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “I don’t know if there’s anything to really take away from this. He’ll get this special treatment, there are two tiers of justice. And you can be darn well sure that Hunter Biden is going to be on the receiving end of the second tier of justice, the better tier for Biden’s son.” 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll predicted, “He’s going to be further embarrassed today with a lot of photographs and more audio of him. They’ve been playing the audio from his biography which he narrated himself, which has been a clever way that the Department of Justice has been able to use his own words with the jury.”

Ryan interrupted, “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a second. So I get to hear Hunter reading a book, but I can’t hear the President of the United States and some remarks? That I paid for that microphone. I paid for those transcripts and I can’t hear the Dementia in Chief rattling off here. You’re kidding me. I get to hear a crack smoker, but I can’t hear the president in his own words? Hilarious. What a family.”

Barkdoll said, “Hunter Biden is employing what looks like what I’m gonna call the Bill Clinton defense. What is the definition of is? Because his defense lawyers seem to make an argument that under this federal statute and by the way, I think this is going to be a similar outcome as Trump. I think it’s likely he gets convicted, but I think he has a very viable appeal point on the legality of this gun statute, which is almost never prosecuted like this, by the way, but the defense is arguing the statute says that you have to be intoxicated, under the influence, addicted to drugs, when you fill out the application. The question is, can you prove that I was at the time I filled it out? I don’t think it flies. But that seems to be the only defense that he’s going to raise.”

When it comes to the president and having the tapes from Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation released, there could be a push in the court system to have the public hear the tapes. 

Barkdoll said Biden “is also doing a very rare sit down interview today with ABC David Muir from Normandy. It’s going to air tonight. Normally this would not even be noteworthy but because he almost never does a press conference or an interview, it’ll be interesting to see if anything comes out of this. That’s going to happen here later today.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Everyone’s saying this is a slam dunk, whether you agree with the constitutionality of the form or not, putting that aside. He broke the law. It’s pretty obvious. There’s so much circumstantial evidence it’s overwhelming around the fact that he was addicted to drugs at the time, including his own words against him. Let’s not forget, they tried to give him a very sweetheart deal. First of all, we have whistleblowers who said the Department of Justice allowed the worst of the tax problems to run out of the statute of limitations before they brought any charges and then it’s just absurd to think oh, no look how hard they’re prosecuting him. They tried to give him a deal that got him virtually out of all this and gave him lifetime immunity for this stuff and now they’re trying to turn around and look how hard we’re going after him. It’s such hypocrisy. What about the referral for Hunter and James Biden for lying to Congress. We could show no two tiers of justice, if that would happen, if the DOJ would go after that.”

Barkdoll said, “That is apparently being examined. The other thing is now that all of the contents of this laptop are being introduced, there’s another theory that Hunter in general could be charged with other crimes. He has no prior record, in spite of all these admissions of drug use and drug abuse. But could this now be brought against him because it’s now being admitted in court? He apparently is not denying it. So it’s going to be interesting to see where this goes. Of course he has another trial later this summer also. On this gun trial, assuming he is convicted, the standard sentencing range is going to mandate incarceration. The minimum punishment is nine to 16 months in a federal prison. Now that’ll get tied up, of course, on appeal. There’s politics and odd bedfellows here, I mean, it looks like the NRA may join in an effort to say that this case should not be prosecuted. There’s that other Federal Circuit case out of Texas that said this statute is illegal. There’s nothing in the Second Amendment that says you can’t have a gun if you’re using drugs. That was only limited to that circuit. It did not extend to Delaware where this case is happening. But this is going to be a very interesting legal issue and it’s another one of these things that could take a long time for the federal courts to resolve this.”