Why would anyone oppose election audits?

June 3 – With three Pennsylvania state legislators – State Senator Doug Mastriano, Representative Rob Kauffman and State Senator Cris Dush – in Arizona witnessing the audit of the 2020 election there, why would anyone object to it?

It’s an analysis of the ballots and the voting process itself to see if anything should or could be done differently and it’s been made clear that there’s no intent to try to overturn the election.

And yet, the media continually asks why. We say, why not?

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed the audit this morning on First News.

Barkdoll said, “Is it possible this process would try to be replicated in other counties around the United States including here in Pennsylvania? The Wall Street Journal has some coverage on this and Doug (Mastriano) is quoted in the Journal and that suggestion is certainly part of the article. Although they also make clear they’re not trying to overturn the election, but they do want to see are there ways that the system and the process can be improved? Something interesting to watch in Arizona, they’re going to release the results of this audit sometime between now and the end of June in all likelihood.”

The same auditing firm did an audit in Fulton County, Pa.

Barkdoll said, “It’s gotten almost no attention. That finding did not yield any irregularities. It’s still not clear why Fulton County was on their radar, but the same firm that’s working out there in Maricopa County (Arizona) was out here on the ground because Fulton County had used Dominion machines, but they did not find any problems. I think it’s just one of these things to stay tuned. I think it’s healthy that people are looking at processes, but I think they need to have an open mind. If the audit does not reveal any problems, then so be it. Then it just becomes what are ways that we still might be able to improve the process? Whether that’s with the post marked dates on mail in ballots or the drop off boxes, etc. and I think a lot of it just remains to be seen.”

Jansen wondered, “What’s the objection? If everyone is so sure there’s no issues, go ahead and allow, in some of the places where there’s been controversy, allow them to go ahead and look at this. I know it costs some money, but the doubt that people have about our elections right now, that’s a very dangerous thing for a democracy, for a representative republic like ours. We have to be sure that the voting process is safe and fair and everybody’s vote counts, so why not?”

Barkdoll said, “That’s how I look at it and if you look at the comments here in Fulton County, their commissioners, at least two of them, that seems to be the position that they took. Look, we feel that this was a legitimate election, come in here and have at it. Look at anything you want. And it kind of proved their point. The audit happened, they didn’t find any irregularities and they all now feel comfortable that everything was fine with those voting machines and I think that is a valid position for public officials to take. Let’s put people’s minds at ease. We know there’s still a lot of sentiment in the United States about this election and it wasn’t properly done. One way to address that would be to allow these kind of audits to take place to answer the question that look, these votes were legitimate, the numbers are legitimate or otherwise and I think that’s what you’ll see come out of Arizona in a few weeks.”