Why can’t Pennsylvanians get their unemployment compensation?

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February 11 – Talk “on the ground” from the everyday man and woman on the street says unemployment compensation in Pennsylvania is essentially non-existent. So why won’t officials in the state department do anything?

“The unemployment problem in Pennsylvania has been going on for years,” said Attorney Clint Barkdoll. Barkdoll spoke to a waitress in a restaurant in Chambersburg recently who reported she’s been waiting months for her unemployment benefits to be processed. She’s been calling and emailing to no avail.

“Why the governor and the executive branch, even cabinet-level type officials, why they aren’t getting more on top of this is beyond me,” Barkdoll noted. “This problem has been going on for the better part of a year now.”

Pat Ryan added that there are “people out here in pain. And this governor and his YouTube videos for the budget roll out, shrugs his shoulders, and then wants to make a $12 minimum wage. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you just do your job, Governor, and fix this mess?”

Barkdoll suggested the Secretary of Labor could assign a task force, but instead, nothing is done.

“You really hear very little about this,” Barkdoll said. “You don’t hear anything from the House, the Senate, certainly the governor’s office, but you talk to the people on the ground that are dealing with this and they’ll tell you straight out this is a mess and they’re having real problems with it.”

Michele Jansen reminded listeners of the times of John Eichelberger. “This is a ridiculous thing that has not been dealt with even well before COVID,” she said.

Barkdoll agreed. “Some of that also tied into all of the waste on the computer upgrades and the problems with processing new claims and that goes back years ago and here we are still in the same situation.”