Why are school board elections so important? THIS is why…

October 30 – Over the last few weeks there has been utterly unreal news coming from school boards and school districts throughout the country.In Loudon County, VA., the sheriff there is investigating multiple counts of inappropriate touching in the middle school.

A Florida School Board member accompanied elementary school children on field trip to gay bar recently.

A California school board president got caught with a hot mic dropping the “f-bomb” at a parent.

And in Kentucky, there are videos of kids giving LAP DANCES to other students and dancing around school principals and administrators during a homecoming celebration.

Where will this end?

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed this alarming new trend during the Big Talk (weekday mornings 7am) on First News Friday morning.

Barkdoll said, “I don’t know what’s going on. It certainly seems like there is more going on now than there’s ever been in this realm of school board governance, building administration. I don’t know if this is a social media thing. We’ve talked so much over the years about that social media has proliferated. Does that breed problems because it makes it easier for people to do and say different things? The problem just seems to keep getting worse. It’ll be interesting to see what happens around the country next week with these school board elections because this is very much on the agenda, not only here locally, but in other states around the country and I’m not sure where it ends. You see that there are groups forming.”

There’s a group of dads in various school districts in the south that are forming their own groups coming in as needed to try to create order because they felt that everything has gotten so out of control, even with criminal activity.

Barkdoll said, “It’s a very sad reflection on what’s happening.”

Ryan pointed out, “You know what happened? Dad jokes started and everybody started calming down, going to class and getting their math, science and English on instead of being worried about woke this, CRT and the ingredients that go into that. You’ve got here in Chambersburg this write-in campaign and a very, very clear difference between two candidates looking for a write-in in the Finucane seat. Joan Smith is a parent. Joan Smith is a business woman and then on the opposite side of the aisle—”

“Is also a parent,” Jansen said. “But somebody who is a president of one of the most far-leftist groups we have in our area who’s been pushing school boards to look at racial essentialism and the other objectionable parts of critical theory that are making their way into public school. Her and her group are all behind the exact things that parents are concerned about.”

Barkdoll said, “That’s a very important race and that one is critically important because there’s no one on the ballot. So we talk about these other write-in efforts around the county, they’re going to be much more difficult because they’re going against people whose names are already on the ballot, but this seat you’re describing, there is nothing on the ballot. It is going to be a write-in victory for one of them and if you live in one of those wards, that’s why it’s even more important to be paying attention to that.”

There are write-ins in Greencastle and Waynesboro and Shippensburg.

Jansen pointed out, “In Shippensburg another really important one where there is an empty seat is the one Levi Cressler is running for in District B. Again, a not designated ballot person, so he has a very good chance of succeeding there as well. We know Shippensburg has been the center for a lot of controversy over mandates, mask mandates and probably vaccine mandates coming down the road. So if you are concerned about that and you are in Shippensburg or know someone who lives there, get Levi Cressler written in in District B in Shippensburg.”