Whisky named top seller at Franklin, Fulton, Cumberland County liquor stores

05 March 2024- The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) today released its Fiscal Year 2022-23 Annual Report, which details agency operations, sales trends, popular products, and financial results.

The annual report reviews the agency’s financials and provides insight into functions including store operations, merchandising, marketing, distribution, wholesale operations, information technology, licensing, alcohol education, and personnel. The document is filled with statistics and information about how the agency works and where the money it generates goes.

The annual report also showcases sales by product category, individual products, counties, e-commerce, stores, and sales periods. For example:

  • Totaling $2.2 billion, retail dollar sales increased 3.5% over the prior year comprising 74% of total agency dollar sales, with licensee sales of $754.5 million accounting for the remainder.
  • Tequila, ready-to-drink beverages, and whiskey topped the list of product categories with the largest year-over-year dollar gains, with increases ranging from 3.8% to 51.9% across categories.
  • E-commerce sales totaled $14.5 million, a 6.8% increase in dollar sales compared to the prior year. While transactions decreased marginally by 0.4%, the average transaction value increased 7.1% over fiscal year 2021-22 and the average price per item increased 7.8%.
  • Unflavored vodka was the top spirits category in 43 counties, while the remaining 24 counties had American whiskey as the top spirits category.
  • California cabernet sauvignon was the top wine category in 42 counties, while another 13 counties had box red wine as the top wine category; California chardonnay and beverage wine followed as the top wine categories in the remaining counties, with six counties each.
  • The top three counties – Allegheny, Philadelphia, and Montgomery – accounted for 35% of statewide sales.

As for Franklin County, total sales added to $16,625,124. That makes it 28th in the state for per county sales. That $16,625,124 figure also reporesents a 6.35% increase in sales compared to the last fiscal year. Fulton County amounted to 64/67 counties in sales, totaling $805,714. Cumberland County came in at 13/67 counties, totaling to $58,005,101. That figure represents a 3.44% increase compared to the previous fiscal year.

Franklin County’s most popular purchase at state stores? Whisky, totaling $4,841,291 in sales. That’s followed by vodka at $2,602,767. Fulton County also sees whisky as its top sale, totaling to $265,562.