While the Trump trial verdict dominates the news, keep a close eye on what else is happening – especially in the Biden administration 

May 31 – While the country was tuned into the New York City trial against former president Donald Trump, President Joe Biden agreed to provide American long range weapons to Ukraine for deployment inside Russia yesterday. 

It’s for the limited purpose of defending Kharkiv. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “This is quietly under the radar right now but you damn well better be paying attention to this one. This proxy war with Russia just got a lot more dangerous and yet, you’re not going to hear anything other than out of the mainstream media, Trump this, Trump that and Trump the other thing.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll confirmed, “The public should be very concerned about this. It’s getting lost in the news cycle. Yes, Ukraine has been using American weapons within their boundaries, but yesterday marks the first time that the Biden administration and Biden himself has given Ukraine the green light to now launch these missiles into Russia. This seems like the classic ingredient to now create a bigger problem in that part of the world. The Defense Department is saying they’re doing this because Kharkiv is about to fall. There are concerns that Russia is winning this war and maybe all of Ukraine is about to fall and they’re seeing this as an effort to keep Russia out, but the idea of launching US missiles into Russia, certainly Putin is not going to just sit back and allow that to happen. So it’s something we need to be very mindful of these next few days.”