While eight Republican candidates debated in Milwaukee, former president Donald Trump talked with Tucker

August 24 – In a pre-recorded interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, former president Donald Trump, and current Republican candidate for the 2024 election, sat down to talk about the issues facing this country. 

The interview aired on Twitter at the same time as the Republican debate last night. 

One issue that was discussed involved the University of Pennsylvania – specifically the Biden Center at that university and what he has stored there. 

Trump said, “When somebody gets indicted, your poll numbers go down. When somebody gets indicted, you announce ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be leaving to spend time with my family and to fight for the rest of my life and this stuff. But you’re out of politics. I got indicted four times. All trivia. Nonsense. It’s horrible when you look and you look at what they’re doing. The boxes are a hoax. I’m covered by the Presidential Records Act. I’m allowed to do exactly that. He’s not covered and he’s got 25 times the number of boxes. And he’s got them stored in Chinatown. He’s got them stored in a flimsy garage underneath his Corvette, at Penn, and by the way, at Penn, he gets millions of dollars. China pays this guy millions of dollars. See, I think he’s the most corrupt president we’ve ever had. And he also has the distinction of being the most incompetent. I believe both. I mean, he’s both incompetent and corrupt. I actually believe he’s compromised because China knows so much about him. They know where the money comes from. They know where it is, who paid it. They probably paid for it. Well, they do pay Penn and he gets I think it takes $999,000 because, you know, he keeps it a little bit under a million dollars, like by a dollar.” 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll noted, “I want to say to protect the radio franchise here, Penn is strongly denying these allegations and they have previously, too. They’re saying that there’s no China money connection to this Penn Biden Center or to payments that were made to Joe Biden.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “Then why is he bringing that up again?”

Barkdoll suggested, “Well, again, some of this is his greatest hits. A lot of the stuff he said to Tucker last night, and if you go to the Trump rallies, it’s the greatest hits reel. These things just keep coming up and coming up. A lot of re-litigation of the 2020 election. A lot of the stuff he’s bringing up was not new. I don’t know if there’s a lot of new things revealed in this interview with Tucker. But Trump very effectively weaves these into his speeches, into his interviews, and his supporters love hearing more and more about this stuff. And Tucker played right into it. They got into a lot of things about that issue and about these indictments and about the 2020 election again.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “There still is controversy though. There’s some things that came out in classified documents that I know are being looked at by those House committees about the University of Penn. My biggest problem with them is this Biden Center and what it focuses on because it seems more concerned about bringing in world leaders and having that kind of influence and I think we’re in trouble if we don’t put the United States as an entity first before we start thinking of ourselves as the global citizens. So I think there’s plenty of criticism that can be leveled and I think $900,000 for two years, you didn’t teach a class. It just doesn’t feel good.”

Barkdoll agreed, “I think there needs to be reform at the government level, whether it’s the ex-president or the ex-Senator, Congressman, there needs to be tighter restrictions. These guys just go cash in on all of these think tanks and corporate boards, and it’s just par for the course, but then you look at the money they’re getting paid. It’s just obscene. I think at the federal level, there could be things done to stop it.”

The day after the Carlson interview aired, Trump was indicted in Georgia. The charges are being brought by the District Attorney of Fulton County, GA, Fani Willis.

Ryan asked, “If this whole thing goes away, is there any kind of accountability if he wins? Is there any kind of accountability that she will be held to? Can he sue her? Sue the living daylights out of her for this entire show? Does he have any recourse, okay, at the end of the day, I come out clean as a whistle and now it’s time to go and return the favor?”

Barkdoll said, “It’s going to be hard. She’s an elected official. So there would be accountability at the ballot box for her if something like that happens. There is a civil claim in the law known as malicious prosecution. Very tough to win those cases. Trump down the road could try to pursue that, if he goes through the criminal case and is found not guilty. But even if he’s convicted of one of the cases, that would greatly eliminate or undermine that entire civil claim.”

On Political Vibe this Saturday on NewsTalk 103.7FM, the Georgia case will be discussed further and in more detail – be sure to tune in.