When YouTube blocks news articles, what can be done?

June 1 – A loyal listener to the radio station sent an email asking about what can be done when these big internet pages block news information.

The email said, “Do you have any information on what we can do about YouTube blocking most of our news videos on Fox News with pictures of President Trump? We get our news from YouTube and we’re missing vital information that way. This has been going on since Biden took office. Do you know what we can do about this?”

Sadly, there’s not much.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Unfortunately there’s not a lot of great options here. YouTube is owned by Google and we’ve known for the last few years now that Google and Facebook are increasingly the sources of news feeds for people and they absolutely do monitor it, edit it, regulate it. There is an internal complaint system and I’m not saying this would necessarily generate the greatest outcome, but you can file an internal complaint whether it’s YouTube, Google, Facebook, they all have now these review boards that will review complaints. We know in the Facebook situation with Trump, the board will come back with recommendations and sometimes even lift the ban, so that’s probably the first step the listener is going to need to take.”

Other than that, the suggestion was made to find a different source for news other than YouTube.

With the trend of these major internet sites adding their political agendas to the decisions they make, we all are going to have to be very careful what we listen to and what we watch.