When we say elections have consequences, we’re not kidding – and you can see it with the election for the Santos seat in New York

February 14 – Let’s peek into history here for a second with the mess that surrounded New York Republican Representative George Santos in the US House of Representatives. 

Shortly after he was elected to the seat in the 2022 midterms, reporting discovered a whole lot of lies Santos told on the campaign trail. 

That led to a spotlight from federal prosecutors who discovered everything from wire fraud to money laundering to theft of public funds and lying to Congress. Santos was charged with all of that. 

He survived a few attempts to oust him in the US House, but wasn’t able to survive completely. In December, the House voted Santos out and the campaign to fill the seat began. 

The election was held yesterday and here’s the kicker – the seat went to a Democrat, which shaves just a little bit more off an already razor-thin Republican majority in the House. 

Some people are speculating that part of the reason the House voted to impeach Mayorkas could have had something to do with that election and the flipped seat. 

The new person may be taking office as early as tomorrow. 

In addition, the election day itself should be a cautionary tale. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll pointed out, “There is a wake up call here for Republicans that really needs to be stressed and it has nothing to do with the candidates or the issues involved. Monday night, all of the pre election polling showed this race tied. It really was a toss up – 84% of early voting in this race was Democrat mail-in votes.”

Then, Mother Nature got involved with a snow storm. 

Barkdoll said, “They had about a foot of snow in this district, so live, in-person turnout was terrible and of course the Democrat won by about eight points and it was all this mail in voting. This is a wake up call to Republicans. There’s these wild scenarios. Fast forward to the general election in the fall. What if there would be a hurricane coming through? You’ve got scenarios that mail in votes that the Democrats have very smartly figured out, someone could sneak into these offices that might not otherwise win if people were showing up like they normally would on election day. I saw some tweets last night from Democratic officials saying thank you Donald Trump for telling Republican voters that any method other than showing up in person on election day is fraudulent. Republicans need to get ahead of this issue. It’s going to continue to cause problems for them if they don’t figure out this mail-in voting.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “Isn’t it enough that you’re already stuffing the ballot box? Now you’re messing with the atmosphere. I mean, what’s next?”

Barkdoll said, “I’m concerned about it. I mean the idea of exactly what happened yesterday. I think Republicans whether you’re in a local party organization, state or national level, you need to look at that as a wake up call. Stop demonizing the mail-in votes. They need to get on board with it or they’re going to keep losing their seats.”

Ryan said, “We will do our part. Let’s make it our mantra from this point forward. Let’s start hammering that home. If they’re not going to get it on a national level, we’re not going to let it screw up the local level here.”