When it comes to political mudslinging, could people really be getting tired of it all? 

January 3 – Democrat Senator Art Haywood from Philadelphia announced yesterday that he plans to file an ethics complaint against Senator Doug Mastriano for questioning the 2020 election – but some people are wondering what the real motivation is here. 

This came from a group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “What Art Haywood is doing to his constituents is here we go with another exercise of a waste of money, time, billable hours while Philly burns to the ground, crime, murder, rape, businesses leaving, carjackings failing dismal schools, but this guy, what I saw yesterday, look at me Josh. I’m looking for a place in the cabinet.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll agreed, “That could be happening here too. This senator, even though he’s in his 60s, he’s fairly new. He represents part of Philadelphia, in one of the very wealthy affluent suburbs of Philly in Montgomery County, and it occurred to me watching that yesterday, is he positioning himself for another job in Harrisburg? Hard to say. I don’t think this ethics complaint goes anywhere. I’m not sure that these sort of complaints that he’s making are even within the purview of an ethics complaint. If you look at the reporting on it, it’s not even clear where this goes. Unlike the House, the Senate does not even have a standing ethics committee. There’s some debate about how this even gets reviewed or investigated at this point, but I don’t see this going anywhere. Look, this probably helps Doug politically, like we’ve talked about with Trump. These states keep Trump off the ballot, all of these complaints and filings against Trump, he’s really turned into a martyr to his supporters. It’s hardened their support for him. So I would imagine Doug’s not concerned about this at all. If anything, he may feel it even benefits him politically.”

Senator Mastriano said, “It’s a stunt. So who’s been charged with insurrection, who’s been convicted of insurrection? This Democrat narrative, look, they’ve got nothing to run on. Crime is through the roof. We’ve got record carjackings, record murders, assaults, schools are collapsing, kids aren’t safe and so what do you do is find a distraction. You kind of want to laugh this stuff off, but these kind of inconsistent games they play on the left just get a little weary, because this is the same Senator that was marching against law enforcement and suddenly now he’s for law enforcement, but in 2020, he was railing against police brutality and screaming and carrying on about the injustices and all that and suddenly in his press release yesterday, he’s talking about the law enforcement that were injured on January 6, and so where’s the consistency? I guess he only cares about police and veterans when it suits his political future.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “You used the right word, Doug, narrative. It’s a narrative that’s being spun. It was sort of inevitable after the Colorado court, with only four of the seven members by one vote, decided they were able to determine and a lower court there was able to determine this was an insurrection. No. There’s nobody even who’s been punished for some of the crimes that were committed that day who’s been charged with insurrection. So the federal government did not go after that charge, because they know this didn’t meet any definition of that, number one. Number two, the idea that any politician who might have been down there that day because there was concerns about the 2020 elections that were legitimate, that’s what most people who were going down there to make their voices heard we’re doing, using the First Amendment rights, that anybody who was associated with any of that very fair and legal protest was somehow involved in an insurrection, it’s insane, but we knew that this first very odd legal decision that’s going to get overturned, once that got out there, then they would start doing this. We know Scott Perry is facing similar types of allegations, yourself. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go after anybody who might have been down there or at all associated that day.”

Mastriano said, “It’s an act of desperation. It’s a distraction. It’s a diversion. Anyone on the left who still believes this narrative, really really needs to get out more because it’s just so disproven. We just see on and on the people that have been charged, the rioters I’ll call them, the ones that caused trouble and vandalized, trespassing, and interrupting procedures and what have you. So we haven’t seen anything like an insurrection. The 14th amendment, I’ll remind people out there historically, was after a civil war where there were 600,000 casualties. The casualties that we have, the people that died actually, were the protesters on January 6. We found out that this whole thing on one officer who passed away was deemed by the coroner, that it was natural causes, not as a result of anything in the narratives and disinformation that was put out in the aftermath of that terrible situation down there. So here we are, the Democrats can run on anything and so they need a distraction. So they’re trying to distract the voters. I just hope that the voters, especially in the southeast, will wake up because your lives, your economy, your family, your safety, all that is going down the tubes, and this is simply a sideshow.”

Ryan said, “I listened to the press conference and I found it very interesting how not only Art would use this left watchdog group called CREW to help him source the complaint and then he used other people’s definition of insurrection and he kept going back to that. It was very uncomfortable how this state Senator used a whole bunch of word salad and other people’s definitions to make a case for himself. Where does this go next? There’s no steps. There’s no procedure. This was an entire stunt that wastes the people’s time in the Commonwealth.”

Mastriano agreed, “It does. There’s no meat to it. It’s a nothing burger. It’s a distraction. It will appeal to that narrow base out there that will believe anything coming out of the propaganda machine, but most people just kind of roll their eyes. I spoke with a bunch of folks and they’re like, oh, here we go again. Are you kidding me? Seriously? What a joke. So if his threshold now was simply being in the vicinity of where something bad happened, then we should hold him culpable, maybe file ethics complaints against him for his fiery speeches that resulted perhaps or contributed to perhaps, with this low threshold he has, to the looting in Philadelphia. He was part of all the anti police protests and participated in those rallies and railing against police brutality. So if that’s the threshold, they need to be careful when they go down this path here. We don’t live in this vacuum or this bubble here. There are consequences. I think it goes nowhere because it is nothing. In the end, Philadelphia, southeast, are you better off? What is this doing for you? This is just a sideshow, and so let’s get our stuff together. America is falling apart right now. Internationally we’re a laughingstock. We’re on the threshold of another war, perhaps, God forbid. Our economy is collapsing. There’s dire predictions for 2024. Let’s get our house in order in Pennsylvania and stop playing these political games.”

What about the media in all this? 

Mastriano said, “Another thing that troubles me is I do many press conferences and engagements honoring veterans and OEF and law enforcement. We invite all the media and they generally don’t show up or they send their interns or young hires. Yesterday during a Senate session, I went out to the stairwell and there were a bunch of cameras set up and there was some of the media hanging about. I didn’t know what was going on, but it just shows you how they collude with the Democrats when they like the narrative. They’re part of their problem in this regard that they give this guy any credibility when he has none. I also remind viewers back in 2020, when one of his colleagues in the Pennsylvania Senate was under serious ethics charges and allegations and even members of his own party were rallying against him, Art Haywood, I sat through his speeches, which are pretty boring and he’s standing up there saying we cannot cast judgment on the Senator, the people decide, let the voters decide. It’s funny, these people on the left just can’t be consistent. Normal citizens look for folks being consistent and true to their values. It only works one way with people on the far left, sadly.”

Jansen added, “Personally, I talked to you very early on on that day. I may have been one of the first or the first people associated with any media to talk to you, and I can personally attest how stunned and shook you were, as we all were, by what happened. If there were any plans about this, which is ridiculous, you certainly didn’t know them. We were all trying to wrap our heads around it. We didn’t understand what just happened and we were trying to figure it all out. So for what it’s worth, anyone out there listening, that’s the facts and it was a lot of narrative that started quickly being churned out by leftist media that people picked up on. This is just a continuation of that with very little facts to back it up.”

“I agree,” Mastriano said. “It was shocking and we do have freedom of speech in America. You might not like the speech and simply holding a hearing suddenly becomes criminalized by his ideals. Basically what he’s saying is if I disagree with your speech or your hearing, you’re guilty of some kind of crime. That’s unconscionable. That’s not American and it’s not where we stand for.”

Ryan said, “All you have to do is look at that press conference yesterday, you see is that someone that might be bucking for a position in a future Josh administration? It looked like more of a show for that than it was to do any work on behalf of the people.”

Mastriano agreed, “It’s an appeal for attention and it really hasn’t gained any traction. I’m rather surprised since this is red meat for the leftist and those who really can’t think for themselves. I was scrolling through social media and it’s hardly even a bump. I was like, wow, even maybe the leftists are getting tired of this narrative because there’s no meat behind it.”