What is the country really coming to with the carjackings and violence? 

February 5 — Mike Gill, an administrative official for former president Donald Trump, passed away on Sunday after being shot during a carjacking last Monday in Washington, DC. 

Gill was 56 and is survived by his wife and three children. 

He worked as chief of staff for the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission during the Trump administration. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “His wife Christina Gill, expressing profound sadness in a statement thanking the community for the outpouring of love and support during their difficult time here and DC is off the list. It’s a warzone and how appropriate that they can put up a border and they can put up razor wire and they can put up fences to protect themselves. But they’ll unleash humanity all over you. Look at what happens in New York City and these major cities here and a sad end to this fight that Mike Gill put up.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “It was just so sad and what’s so extreme about this particular case, this happened on K Street, one of the best areas, supposedly best areas of DC, broad daylight, he was picking up his wife after work when this carjacking happens and he gets shot and more carjackings over the weekend in DC. I don’t know what is going on with carjackings and what it is about DC in particular. But I mean, this is just spreading like crazy and it truly is a public safety issue. I mean, when you have incidents like this we’re talking about, just what a sad reflection on what that city has become.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Look at the two men killed in this. They kind of come from two aspects that you think of identity wise, I guess, some people might hear this man killed who worked for the Trump organization would be like, well, you know, whatever. I hope nobody would have feelings of anything but sadness, but then the other man, he is a father of two girls. He comes from a different aspect of our society. Nobody is safe, and I think that’s a message that should come out of this. It doesn’t matter your identity or your background. Nobody is safe from this growing threat. They say, this man had mental issues. Yeah, we do find that with a lot of people who end up in these horrible, vicious crimes, but what’s leading to people with mental issues being just loose on the streets where they’re not being kept when they have earlier encounters with either medical people or law enforcement. We’re in a disaster place where so many just get released automatically. This is not safe, and I am saying we cannot prosecute and jail our way out of this crime spree. Well, yeah, I think actually that would make a difference if we hold and detain people who are a danger to the community and themselves.” 

Ryan added, “All you have to do is look at those monsters that were let out (in New York City) and I see that the DA in New York is going oh, my hands are tied here. You did this to your own police officers, and now you unleash them in the country. You beat a couple of cops up there in New York City. These DAs that have that will not be held accountable. Now these four monsters are roaming around the countryside. Although I’m hearing that they’re trying to corral one or two of them or something like that, but here you get to punch and beat a cop, and then you get let out? It’s insane out here.”

Barkdoll said, “And they were here illegally, and now we’ve lost track of them because the court let them out. It’s just outrageous. Getting back to this situation with Mr. Gill and the DC carjacking, there’s also no more quote unquote good areas. Tourists go to the city, we say stick to this area, it’s safe, these are the good areas. That New York situation with the police officer that was right off Times Square. The situation in DC was in one of the most affluent areas of the city. This is devastating not only for people who live there, but people talking like we are, tourists. No one’s going to go to the cities. You’re not going to go there and spend the weekend and do whatever. You’re certainly not going to go there to open up new business and there’s where the city councils and mayors, government officials. They need to get more engaged in this because it’s really causing problems for their own good.”

Ryan insisted, “You get what you voted for. If you repeatedly vote for the same people that do the same thing over and over, in New York, in Philly, in Pittsburgh, in Baltimore, then enjoy the fruits of your labor until you’re smart enough, then have that and don’t come crying to me.”

Jansen noted, “Biden immediately made executive orders putting the values of equity on everyone in this country through the different federal offices in the way money is distributed and things like that. Well, we’ve had three years of it, is it making it better? Are things getting better under this?” 

“Are you better off?” Ryan asked. “And do you want more of that? Biden/Harris, that’s your party and you want more of that if you’re a Democrat and you want Biden/Harris again here, you want more of these policies, then you want what’s happening in those cities to come to your neighborhood as well.” 

Jansen added, “It’s the policies regardless of which Democrat I’m afraid gets into office right now.”