What if news stories were written by a computer? It could happen sooner than you think

July 20 – This story was not, in fact, written by a computer, but others could be. 

Google announced yesterday it will roll out a new Artificial Intelligence platform called Genesis and it’s specifically geared toward journalists to write news articles. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “This should concern everybody. This platform, you can plug in some of the basic information for a story and it will instantly generate the story and push it out onto the news website or onto the newspaper if it’s a print edition. I think people need to be concerned about this. We know the concerns and the fears of AI. If this Genesis would take hold and a bunch of newsrooms around the country and the world would start adopting this, well then are we in even a worse situation with news, how it’s being reported, and how consumers are learning about things. So definitely keep an eye on that. It’s making a lot of news here this morning in a lot of different outlets.”

Michele Jansen said, “Oh, this is horrendous. Google is already a very woke entity that is censoring people and pushing out propaganda like crazy. This is not the kind of company you want putting the basics of AI out there and then having these propagandized to brainwashed new young reporters who are being told it’s not their job to be objective and to hold power accountable. It’s their job to change the world. Then we have the Biden administration, I wish people would please look this up. It’s the AI Bill of Rights that Biden implemented last year, in 2022. It’s not a law, but it’s guidance and it’s going to make sure we put equity at the center of everything we’re doing. Equity is the key ideology that’s hurting us the most. Then there’s all the equity executive orders that specifically say that the development of any AI will have equity. That’s Biden executive orders getting into everything. So between the Biden administration and Google, we are not going to be getting the truth from journalists anymore.”

Barkdoll said, “That’s why I’m so concerned about this story because I can envision management of a news organization or a board in a boardroom saying, hey, well, here’s a way we can further reduce costs. We’ll implement this Genesis platform and that will replace 10 reporters in the newsroom, and Genesis will now be writing the stories. If this would take hold, I think it could be really harmful to our society.”