What does it say to the rest of the world that the US Commander in Chief doesn’t show up to a NATO dinner?

July 12 – Practically since the beginning of presidency, Joe Biden has had stumbles and gaffes and embarrassing moments. 

Now, the leader of our country is in Europe and he’s been touring the area before attending a number of official meetings with heads of other countries. 

He met with King Charles and the press noted a number of missteps with the president and the King, including touching his Majesty when he wasn’t supposed to do so. 

Most recently, last night, the president skipped a North Atlantic Treaty Organization dinner, citing he had too much on the schedule. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “This skipping of the dinner I think is significant. A lot of people in the international diplomacy world will point out that these dinners are often where a lot of the work gets done. They have these big summits, these big conferences, all of the leaders get together each night at dinner, and that’s often where they’ll keep talking more casually, more informally, and that’s where a lot of work gets done. I think a lot of observers are quite troubled that here’s this huge NATO summit, yesterday was a really significant day with NATO.”

It was decided that Sweden would officially be in NATO and there was a lot of dispute before that happened. There was also discussion whether or not Ukraine will be added.  

Barkdoll continued, “And here, you get to the dinner and Biden says no, I’m too busy. I’m going to skip it and go back to my room. Now I suspect that the handlers around him as we’ve discussed for years now, yesterday apparently was an okay day for him, largely gaffe-free, but then you get late into the day, do the handlers realize we need to get him off the stage? We need to just get him back to his room, keep him away from the opportunity to make some kind of a gaffe because I just can’t think of another incident in recent history, where a world leader would have skipped a gathering like this on the initial night of the summit.”

State Senator Doug Mastriano said, “Joe Biden is a complete disaster. I watched him in the United Kingdom yesterday with King Charles, and they call him Mr. Magoo. How embarrassing is that? I watched him today land in Vilnius in Lithuania where they’re having this the biannual NATO Summit and he’s just clueless, standing there on the tarmac with the Lithuanian President trying to help him move to the right location and Biden just sitting there like some decrepit old person with cognitive disabilities.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “I have to ask you, Doug, with your military experience, your combat experience, you know better than anybody probably how Joe Biden is doing things like talking about how we’re going to be approaching Ukraine and Russia, that’s bad enough. We’re doing these cluster bombs now, but he also seemed to point out the fact that we’re getting low on ammunition. How stupid is it to reveal something like that? Along with the weakness that’s now perceived at the leadership of our country. What kind of danger does that put us in in terms of getting dragged into more problems around the world?”

Mastriano said, “This is very perilous. I think it was yesterday or the day before Joe Biden mentioned how we’re running shy of artillery ammunition for 155 howitzers, in particular. These are key for any military operation that we conduct in the Army or the Marine Corps, having this ground-based artillery system, and that he made this operational vulnerability public, compromised our position in the United States. Here’s the danger. The danger is when you telegraph weakness to Russia and to Putin and to North Korea, you’re asking for trouble. You’re asking for one of those rogue actors to step out and take a risk and do something stupid that could trigger World War III. This is another indication why this guy, he’s unfit for office.”

Speaking of North Korea, they launched their first long-range missile test in quite some time, early this morning. 

Barkdoll said, “That ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) is troubling. This was launched towards Japan and landed in the sea, but the timing may not be coincidental. We know that North Korea watches what’s going on around the world like everyone else. And the timing of this may yet be just another way to create some problems for the US if they see weakness at the top.”

Jansen said, “That’s the problem. They make jokes about this in the liberal media because I honestly feel like they’re the campaign arm for the Biden candidacy at this point. There’s no joking about this. The world is watching this. They are seeing all the mistakes made in foreign policy. They are seeing how weak this leader is. They will take advantage of it. Again, people have got to understand who you elect and the policies they implement, this is the result of that.” 

Ryan asked, “Why would the AFL-CIO get behind this president and what he has done and what he’s going to continue to do with your kids and your grandkids? It’s just remarkable that I have to hear anything out of Josh Shapiro’s mouth or the AFL-CIO in Philadelphia when you see what is happening right in front of your very eyes.”

Barkdoll said, “It’s all politics and party over country. It’s an unfortunate trend. We’ve been seeing, I think for years now, where party is the prevailing determination on how someone votes or makes a decision over country or over the person and it’s still remarkable to me. I watched a focus group last night of Democratic voters and all of them, every one of them in the focus group, said they were concerned about Biden’s age, but then when it got down to whether you would vote for him again, if it’s him versus Trump, all of them said reluctantly, yes, they would vote for him again. That seems to be the dynamic that’s unfolding around the country. Everyone agrees that Biden’s age is a problem, but yet voters don’t seem happy with alternate choices. No one is really emerging from the Republicans or the Democrats for voters to get behind and say let’s turn the page and move forward.”

Ryan noted, “You vote for Biden, you’re voting for Kamala. You might as well just turn the lights off on the way out the door if you’re that foolish to throw away your vote. It’s not a vote for Joe Biden. It’s a vote for Kamala Harris and if you think we’ve got stupid already at the top, all you have to do is look one rung down and you’ll find it even dumber.”