What does heckling at a State of the Union address really say about the country?

February 8 – So last night was the State of the Union address from President Joe Biden – his second in his tenure as president. 

It went pretty much as everyone predicted it would. Democrats are heralding the amazing ideas. Republicans are criticizing everything he said. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “I sometimes mention Frank Luntz. He’s the focus group guru and if you ever want to get a pulse on what the public is thinking, he’s always fascinating to watch during these kind of events. It kind of confirms what we’ve been saying. People thought Biden was telling too many lies. They also did not like the heckling from the gallery and at the end of all of it, no one’s mind really changed about anything.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “I’ve got to be the dissent on the heckling. I think when you have so many lies and listen, all these politicians will lie right to your face and we know that year after year after year. But the lies out of this particular individual, this president, they’ve all been categorized. They’re all out there. You can lie about your civil rights. You can lie about the reason that you didn’t win the last go around as president because you were caught in lies, your degrees. This guy’s loaded with lies, so I don’t mind the heckling.” 

In fact, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Representative from Georgia, could be heard yelling during the speech, “Liar!”

Ryan noted, “It’s Social Security and Medicare he’s trying to scare half the country on. The New York Post couldn’t keep up with the lies from this guy.” 

Interestingly, reporting has come out overnight that pointed out late in the day yesterday White House staff were giving interviews to reporters saying they hoped there were jeers because the speech had been designed to bait the heckling. 

Apparently when that happened last night, White House staff were gleeful and high-fiving. 

“I don’t think it looked good for either of them,” Barkdoll said. “Clearly he knows that Social Security is not going to be cut. That was one of the lines that he got that push back on. He knows the leadership in the Republican Party, they’ve said they will never allow that to even get on the floor for a vote in the House, but yet he used that and that prompted some of the jeers. My one problem with Marjorie Taylor Greene is if you watch the video of her standing up and doing those things last night, if you keep watching the video feed of her, she sits down and then she’s laughing with the people around her. Look, we saw similar things when Trump gave speeches with the Democrats in the House. There’s just something about it that strikes me as kind of amateurish. On both sides. Biden knows it was a lie to say that stuff, but then these people just play right into it with the push back. I think a lot of these voters are just turned off by the whole thing.” 

This was the longest State of the Union address in modern history, even outlasting former president Bill Clinton, who was famous for speaking too long. 

Greg Hurst of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “I think on the fentanyl aspect when he was speaking to that father who lost a daughter to a fentanyl overdose and then went on to claim we’re protecting the borders from fentanyl, I just think that we need to start calling that stuff out. We’ve been silent too long on some of those issues.” 

Barkdoll wondered, “Is this confirmation that Biden really is running for president again? Because he clearly knows some of those statements about sun-setting Social Security were false. Yes, Senator Rick Scott in Florida did float that at one point, but he clearly knows Congress would not do that, but a lot of times when these guys are about to announce reelection, they’ll throw that stuff out. They know that’s red meat to the base to try to motivate people. Even some of the things about fentanyl and the border, we know Biden has done nothing legislatively, policy proposals about doing something about the southern border and for him to get up there and talk like they’re doing all these things to address it, which the public knows is just patently false, to me is probably confirmation that he really is about to announce he’s running for reelection again.”