What did last night’s State of the Union address really show about our president? 

March 8 – President Joe Biden addressed members of the House of Representatives and Senate, as well as the American people, in a State of the Union address last night that lasted over an hour. 

As is typical following a presidential speech, a whole lot of people are digging into what was said. 

Some are wondering if anything substantial was actually addressed. 

Biden said last night, “Whether young or old, I’ve always been known, I’ve always known what endures. I’ve known about our North Star. The very idea of America is that we’re all created equal, and deserve to be treated equally throughout our lives. We’ve never fully lived up to that idea. We’ve never walked away from it either. And I won’t walk away from it now.”

Our own Congressman John Joyce was in the Chamber last night. 

He said, “I was there last night. I saw a stumbling, bumbling president give a campaign speech. I saw something full of empty promises and an individual who was not addressing what needs to be addressed. He talked briefly about our open southern border, but he didn’t talk about what President Trump had implemented, the Remain in Mexico, stopping of the catch and release, stopping the crime that continues to pour across our southern border. The stumbling, bumbling individual who was at the center of attention last night did not talk about those from the terrorist watch list who have been captured on our southern border. He did not talk about the fentanyl that continues to come into our country, poisoning our family members, our friends, our neighbors. I saw a campaign speech and as far as campaign speech goes, it wasn’t that great. It was again Biden pandering to those individuals to have that grasp while he has a primetime audience, and by failing to meaningfully address our border security, by failing to meaningfully address the runaway inflation caused by his reckless spending and the rising crime that continues to impact us, President Biden showed that he is unwilling and perhaps unable to lead the United States of America.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “There was a weird comment about education and I felt like there was a lot of talk about band aids and not addressing the underlying problems, but it was this odd comment about how we have to give money for tutors and summer school so that we can get third graders, kids to be able to read by third grade. To me, it was a huge admission of the failure of our public school system.”

Joyce said, “Unfortunately, after having recently spent time in career and technology schools in Franklin County, in Cambria County, in Blair County, Biden did not mention the pathway where you don’t end up with this huge debt from college, where you end up with jobs with family sustaining wages. He talked about more giveaways, and that’s what the Democrats like to do. They like to buy votes. They like to buy votes by having you and I and all the taxpayers pay for college debt. They like to give away votes by saying sure we’re going to pay for your kid’s tutors. You know how we do that? We have responsible individuals in our community who understand that they want to have input in their students’ education, which is part of the Parents Bill of Rights. They want to have that ability to know the curriculum that’s being taught to their students. They’re not asking for summer school. This was again a meaningless campaign promise in a meaningless campaign speech. What President Biden talked about last night was not an adequate representation of the State of the Union. It was a fantasy that he brought and he showed up late. It was a fantasy that he brought to the House of Representatives, to the Senate, and he presented it on national TV. What he was selling, America’s not buying.”

Jansen noted, “I worry about people who don’t pay attention to any of this and maybe tuned in for the first 15 minutes. The media seems to be covering for him, talking about how feisty he was. He was angry. He was bitter sounding. He was not someone who would provide unity. He was bad mouthing so many groups of people, talking about resentment. He used that resentment, retribution and revenge, saying that’s what the opposition is when all he did was talk about resentment of rich people, of Republicans, of drug makers, of the Supreme Court. It certainly wasn’t any kind of a speech that would be positive. It was pandering. What do you think of the idea that this is just stirring up more anger between groups of people? He never mentioned, I don’t think ever mentioned the word equity, but it is the ideology of the equity positions that fuels this identity group way of looking at each other.”

Joyce added, “There was one other individual that he frequently mentioned, and that was President Donald Trump, my predecessor, where under President Trump, we had energy independence. We did not have these high mortgage rates, which he alluded to last night as well. We did not have the high inflation that has come under Biden and his administration. We did not have an open southern border, but by my count at least four or five times and again, it was difficult at different points to understand what he was saying. I got lost. Sometimes there were sentences without verbs. I was confused by what his points were sometimes. It seemed like he continued to mumble and bumble through a presentation. But there was a lot of Trump envy in his presentation. He sounded to me like he was doing a campaign speech by someone who was 10 to 15 points behind in the campaign. That’s where he is. America is not buying into what Biden was selling. It was an opportunity. It was an unpaid political advertisement for more than an hour and it did not truly reflect what the State of the Union is today.”

A man in the audience was arrested for heckling the president’s speech last night. He was the father of a fallen marine. 

Joyce said, “I think that he had every right. He lost his son in the disastrous pull out in Afghanistan. He had every right to do that. This is a people’s House and he was frustrated by the lies that were being spewed forth by Biden there.”

Biden is scheduled to be in PA today. 

Joyce said, “He has one stop. I have 19 events, meetings, and discussions that I have to pursue today. He’s flying up to Philadelphia for one campaign stop and then heading to Delaware on your and my dime. One stop. That’s the leader of the free world. That’s an ineffective individual in the White House. That is someone who doesn’t know the seriousness of what his responsibilities are. That’s someone that I really question mental capacity. I questioned that last night by his inarticulate presentation. They said he went to Camp David and had practiced this for three days. That wasn’t a great presentation if there were three days of practice behind that. That was someone who was really incompetent at the presentation of something that lasted for more than an hour.”

Jansen said, “He talked about remembering the spike in crime under his predecessor. He’s going to Philadelphia today where eight teens were just shot at a bus stop. We had a Senator who suggested we send out the National Guard when things got really chaotic because of the BLM riots and that was considered so horrible, the editor of the New York Times who allowed that opinion piece was fired. Now we have New York City with armed National Guard in the subways. How is he saying that with a straight face?”

Joyce said, “He’s not facing reality. He wouldn’t face or pronounce Laken Riley’s name correctly last night. I’m not sure that he understood the gravity of having illegal immigrants continuing to pour into our country, having the crime minutes come right behind them, having the drugs, and human trafficking. He is not addressing what is the number one issue in America. That’s what I hear from constituents through all 12 counties of Pennsylvania 13. Stop and close our southern border. Stop the crime, the drugs that continue to come in here. Biden has not a plan to do that. We passed legislation over a year ago, HR2, which would return the Remain in Mexico, which would stop the catch and release program. Biden ended those by executive order. Biden opened our southern border. Biden stopped the energy independence that America had. He did that on his watch. That’s why we’re seeing the disastrous effects of an incompetent president that we’ve had for the last three years.”

Jansen said, “Again, the far left progressive ideology is coming out, where he talks about the Child Tax Credits continuing. I mean, there’s just some of the things we did during COVID because things were so rough, but now we’re going to continue that and so much money for housing and holding rents down forcibly by landlords. This is getting so many people addicted to government income, is it not?”

Joyce suggested, “Well, you know what he’s trying to do? He’s trying to buy votes. He’s down in the polls. This was a political campaign speech. That’s what Biden is great at doing. He’s great at reaching out and saying, I will buy your vote and this is how I’m going to buy your vote. We saw through that. America saw through that last night. It wasn’t a feisty elderly man. It was someone who was looking because he is down in the polls, and he realizes that President Trump is going to be victorious over him in November. It was someone who understands that he is fighting for his last chance to be a government employee, which he has done his entire career. The man has never worked outside of government. He has never signed the front and the back of a paycheck. He’s always been on a government payroll and is looking to continue it. But Donald J. Trump and his success for what we had, with energy independence, with low crime, with a border with it, was working to be secure. Biden didn’t address any of that last night. It was not an adequate reflection of the dismal state of our state of the union.”