West Virginia residents- don’t forget to cash your WV Cash Now checks!

24 October 2023- State Treasurer Riley Moore today reminded state residents to check their mail for envelopes containing “West Virginia Cash Now” unclaimed property checks and to cash them or deposit those returned funds into their bank accounts.

“I encourage all West Virginians to go back through their mail from the past month to check and see if they received an envelope from our Office – you may have a check inside,” Treasurer Moore said. “These checks are part of our automated unclaimed property return program and the funds are 100-percent yours, so we encourage you to open your mail and cash those checks today.”

Recently, the State Treasurer’s Office mailed checks to 3,314 individuals totaling more than $3.7 million as part of the second year of the Office’s West Virginia Cash Now program.

West Virginia Cash Now launched last year as a new, automated system for sending unclaimed property to its rightful owners – without the need for those individuals to file paperwork with the State Treasurer’s Office.

The Treasurer’s Office mailed letters to potential recipients in July to notify them they should be receiving a check through the new program. The recipients have six months to cash these checks, otherwise they will be voided and the funds reverted back to the Unclaimed Property Division.

“We don’t want your unclaimed property check to become unclaimed property,” Treasurer Moore said. “The West Virginia Cash Now program is an effective way of quickly returning lost funds to rightful owners, without the need for filing paperwork with our Office. We’re doing everything we can to quickly return money to you, we just need you to cash the check.”