Waynesboro’s Dec 20th Santa Routes unveiled

13 December 2022- Whether you and your little ones are looking forward to the routes Santa and the Waynesboro Volunteer Fire Department ride every year or your a Grinch and want to avoid them, Santa will be visiting Franklin County very soon. Full list and details about a timetable are available from the Waynesboro Volunteers below.

All routes begin at 6pm. Completed time is approximately 8pm. Not all blocks of each street will be traveled due to fire apparatus access and avoidance of dead-ends and backing.

Waynesboro Borough South Route (Displayed in Order of Travel)

Tuesday December 20, 2022

• North Price Avenue

• South Price Avenue

• West Third Street

• South Phillips Avenue

• Fairview Avenue

• Sunset Avenue

• West 10th Street

• Park Street

• West Ninth Street

• Anthony Avenue

• West Eighth Street

• West Seventh Street

• West Sixth Street

• South Potomac Street

• Cleveland Avenue

• West Fifth Street

• Ridge Avenue

• West Second Street

• Myrtle Avenue

• East and West Third Streets

• Hamilton Avenue

• Cemetery Avenue

• Maple Street

• Ringgold Street

• South Broad Street

• East Fifth Street

• South Church Street

• Hollengreen Drive

• Evangeline Drive

• Creekside Blvd

• Abigail Avenue

• Clayton Avenue

• Walnut Street