Waynesboro woman looking at 94 felony charges after allegedly stealing her patient’s charge cards

16 November 2022- A Waynesboro woman is free on an unsecured bail after CPD charge her on almost 100 counts of felony device fraud charges. Lisa Ann Matthews is charged with a total of 94 felony class three Access Device Fraud charges and is free on an unsecured bail of $25,000.

On September 22nd, Chambersburg Police received a report of a possible access device fraud from a victim in the borough. The victim said that she had an in-home care nurse to care for her after being released from the hospital in September of 2021. That in-home nurse was listed as Lisa Ann Matthews. In September of this year, the victim noticed a number of unauthorized purchases on her accounts at BoA and Orrstown Bank. Confronting Matthews, whom she had allegedly given the cards to make small purchases for her, Matthews allegedly admitted to some of the purchases and said she would give the money back. However, it became evident that a larger number of purchases were made than what they originally thought. In total, 94 unauthorized purchases were made at a series of grocery and convenience stores in Chambersburg and Waynesboro, totaling $16,287.82.

Police began to investigate a number of these charges, starting in Chambersburg at a Sheetz location and a Giant location. CCTV footage found Matthews allegedly filling up her car at Sheetz, as well as using the card at Giant. Additionally at Giant, a bonus card was used. That bonus card was later determined to be Matthews’ card. Discrepancies between the amount purchased and what was taken out were allegedly found at a number of locations, including Giant. It was determined by police that these discrepancies were the use of the cardholder getting cash back along with the purchases.

Matthews was allegedly interviewed on September 30th of this year, with CPD detectives talking to her at her home. Matthews allegedly admitted to using the cards. When asked why, she allegedly responded “Stupidity, not thinking before acting, greed, I don’t know.” Police also confirmed the bonus card used at Giant was hers. Matthews allegedly told police that she would be willing to pay back what was owed, but was allegedly confused when the total came to over $16,000.

Lisa Matthews is free on an unsecured bail. Her preliminary hearing is set for December 6th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000393-2022, Complaint/Incident Number: C2022-10890