Waynesboro woman charged with taking debit card, over $2,300 from ex-husband’s parents

29 June 2023- A Waynesboro woman is looking at three felony counts after allegedly admitting to taking her ex-husband’s parent’s debit card and using it at various ATMs. Samantha Dickerson is charged with felony access device fraud, felony theft, and felony identity theft. Dickerson failed to post bail of $15,000.

Police were alerted to a series of access device fraud incidents on June 19th when the victim came into Waynesboro PD’s headquarters. According to the victim, there were a total of 10 transactions carried out on his card that totaled $2,312 from his savings account. The majority of these transactions occurred at the Turkey Hill in Waynesboro and the victim said that he would obtain the exact time and place of them when he went to dispute the charges with his bank. According to the victim, he believed that it could be his son’s ex-wife, Samantha Dickerson, as she had previously had allegedly been found to have some of his wife’s missing cash in her purse in the past. Additionally, the victim’s wife’s debit card was missing from her wallet. Finally, the victim allegedly said that Dickerson had not been working at the time and had an influx of court fines/fees that she needed to pay.

Police were able to obtain both the times of the transactions in question and also security camera footage from Turkey Hill at those times. The victim was able to positively ID the woman making those transactions as Samantha Dickerson.

On June 28th, Waynesboro PD went to Dickerson’s home and took her into custody. After initial processing, Dickerson allegedly waived her Miranda Rights and spoke to police on camera and audio recordings. During the interview, Dickerson allegedly admitted to taking both the victim’s card as well as making a series of transactions from Turkey Hill, Rutters, and PNC in Green Village. Dickerson allegedly told police “she made a mistake and that she knew that she was going to have to reap the repercussions of it.”

Dickerson is behind bars on $15,000 bail. Her preliminary hearing is set for July 6th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39307-CR-0000144-2023, Incident Number: WPD-202306022