Waynesboro subcontractor hit felony charges for failure to carry out work

24 July 2023- A Waynesboro area man is looking at multiple charges after he’s contracted to do work but allegedly fails to deliver. William Lee Feeser Jr is charged with felony receiving advance payment for services and failure to perform and misdemeanor theft. Feeser is free after being given an unsecured bail of $15,000.

Washington Township PD were dispatched to a home on Old Mill Road on May 8th for an alleged theft. Police talked with the complainant, with her alleging that William Feeser Jr had entered into a contract with a general contractor and her to build a new bathroom. After signing the contract, Feeser allegedly told the victim he would start the work that Friday and complete it in two days. $500 was given in advance of the project for materials, which was given in cash. After giving Feeser the money for materials, Feeser was not heard from again.

The victim also allegedly told police that they had given Feeser an advancement of $500 in November of 2021 for another bathroom’s remodeling but he also failed to finish that project, too.

WTPD officers spoke to the general contractors that Feeser had subcontracted the job for, with him allegedly set to get a check for the materials for the project on May 5th. Feeser never showed up to get the check and never contacted the contractors for more details or clarity.

William Feeser Jr is free on an unsecured bail of $15,000. His preliminary hearing is set for August 1st.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39302-CR-0000224-2023, Incident No.: WTPD202304310