Waynesboro stabbing sends one life-flighted to York, one to Franklin County Jail

08 July 2024- A Fayetteville woman is behind bars after allegedly stabbing and strangling a man whom she had an intimate relationship with previously. Christiana Lynne Schultz failed to post bail of $100,000 after being charged with felony aggravated assault with extreme indifference and felony strangulation. She remains behind bars in Chambersburg.

Washington Township PD were dispatched to a home on Washington Meadows Lane around 9:30am on July 3rd for a reported stabbing and found EMS treating both the victim and Christina Schultz for injuries. That victim, WTPD say, had a laceration to his stomach and had to be transported to the hospital and flown later to York Hospital. Schultz reportedly had a severe cut to her hand but that was treated by medical personnel.

A preliminary interview with Schultz saw her reportedly tell police that the victim had come at her with a knife while she was in the living room looking for $10 that was somewhere in a series of totes. Schultz reportedly said that she was cut severely grabbing the knife away from the victim, to which she reportedly then stabbed the victim in self defense. The kitchen knife that was reportedly used was taken in as evidence and removed from the scene.

Police and the Franklin County Coroner’s Office utilized specialized 3D cameras to photograph the crime scene, which reportedly showed no blood where Schultz maintained the initial violent confrontation began. She was interviewed the day after, saying that she had a disagreement with the victim before she looked away and he came at her with a knife, similar to the previous series of events that she had relayed to police.

The victim was interviewed after being discharged by York Hospital. He reportedly said that he told Schultz she had to get out of the home, as she had been living there for a week or so. After trying to talk to Schultz, the victim was allegedly attacked by her with a cloth mask, attempting to choke him with it before the victim was able to get away. That is when he tried to leave the home and call the police only for, WTPD say, Schultz to grab a kitchen knife and stab the victim. The attacks continued, according to officers, when the victim tried to sit down from the pain caused by the stabbing.

York Hospital sent WTPD a copy of medical releases relating to the victim, with the police allegedly also receiving copies of text messages sent between the victim and Schultz. Those messages reportedly showed the victim’s desire to get Schultz out of his home the day of the incident.

Christina Schultz is behind bars in Franklin County on $100,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39305-CR-0000092-2024, Incident No.: WTPD202404890