Waynesboro PD charge mother with neglect after daughter is hospitalized following cocaine-laced marijuana smoke session

26 February 2024- A tragic situation in Waynesboro that lead to numerous ER visits for a 13 year old juvenile has finally put a mother in jail on child endangerment charges. Shannon Nicole Murray is behind bars on $25,000 bail after being charged with felony child endangerment and misdemeanor corruption of minors.

Waynesboro PD were called to assist on an EMS call in the borough around 8pm on January 31st for a 13 year old child having seizures. Officers initially heard the call when it was dispatched only as an EMS alert, but knew the home they were dispatched to was inhabited by Shannon Murray. Officers say they had pulled Murray over just two weeks earlier and found controlled substances in the car that also had the 13 year old in it. Murray, WPD say, had a history of heroin and fentanyl abuse known to them.

When officers were officially called in to assist, they learned in medical reports that the child had allegedly smoked cocaine laced cannabis that day and was taken to the hospital for seizures following the incident. Murray, they also say, told ER staff that they were smoking weed as a family but “she felt the weed was laced with something because she felt funny after using it as well”.

After the incident, WPD tried to contact Murray and the child victim for multiple days. Additionally, Franklin County Child and Youth Services tried, again in vain, to contact the family. This continued through February 15th, when Waynesboro PD finally were able to learn new information about the family.

Officers say they received a child line report on Murray’s daughter on that day, including the allegation that “the child always went to the ER in Waynesboro”. When Murray was told that a CYS report was going to be made or the child needed follow up treatment, Murray then reportedly began taking her daughter to the ER or urgent care in Maryland. The child line report continued, alleging known medical neglect with excuses by Murray as well as no follow up visits. This had resulted in what the report calls “extremely abnormal lab results” as well as other intimate problems and aforementioned seizures.

While it is not known how WPD were able to get a hold of Murray, she has since been arrested, charged, and is being held in Franklin County Jail. Her preliminary hearing is set for March 5th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39302-CR-0000068-2024, Incident No.: WPD202400980