Waynesboro PD catch man in the act of burglarizing buildings that were condemned following Philadelphia Ave fire

09 July 2024- Waynesboro PD say a man was trying to flee the area when he was caught with a series of items he had taken from homes that had been severely damaged from a fire last month. Jason Thomas Terhune has been charged with felony burglary, felony trespassing, misdemeanor theft, and summary public drunkenness. He failed to post bail of $50,000 and remains behind bars in Franklin County.

Waynesboro PD officers were dispatched to the first block of Philadelphia Avenue in the borough around 6:30pm on July 5th for a suspicious activity complaint. The buildings involved in the initial call were ones that saw severe fire damage and were condemned following a June 17th blaze that saw multiple companies called to the location. The initial call came in that a man had pulled the plywood off the condemned building’s door and entered the building for some time.

After arriving on scene, officers began a search for the unknown man until they allegedly spotted a man walking through the back yard of the home and ducking behind a nearby dumpster. After that man tried to flee, he was finally apprehended by Waynesboro PD in a nearby parking lot with several items of value in a basket. Officers say that the man, identified as Jason Terhune, “was making spontaneous utterances about the belongings being from the burnt building.”

Terhune was mirandized and interviewed at the location of his arrest, with him allegedly telling officers “he was getting items that were unburnt”. When asked if he was a tenant of the building, he allegedly said he was not. Terhune, WPD say, was likely in the building for about 15 minutes after pulling the top screws out of a piece of plywood and breaking in. Taken and recovered, WPD say, was a pair of Nike shoes, a Wii console with accessories, four Wii games, two Nintendo Switch games, a deck of Magic: The Gathering cards, and a tobacco grinder. During his encounter with police, Waynesboro PD say that Terhune was emanating a strong odor of alcohol from his breath and person.

Jason Terhune is behind bars on $50,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39305-CR-0000093-2024, Incident No.: WPD-202406197