Waynesboro man leads Troopers on high speed chase through Chambersburg Borough streets

30 May 2024- It appears nobody was hurt after a high speed chase that began outside of the Borough of Chambersburg took off through PA-316, US-11, and a number of other streets. Fermin Otoniel Juarez-Mendez is behind bars on $15,000 bail after being charged with felony fleeing an officer, misdemeanor resisting arrest, and 10 summary traffic offenses.

Pennsylvania State Police say they were on regular patrol along Wayne Road near Cider Press Road around 10pm on May 24th when they started to get followed very closely by black 2007 Honda Civic. The Civic, Troopers say, got so close to the marked cruiser’s bumper that they couldn’t see the Honda’s headlights. After pulling over then following behind the car, Troopers say it took off at speeds of 85mph through a 35mph zone. This continued, with the car allegedly driving between 75-85 down Wayne Avenue, S Second Street, and eventually onto W Commerce Street in the borough.

During the chase, Troopers say the Civic blew through multiple stop signs and redlights, illegally passed multiple vehicles, and drove into the opposing lane of traffic. The case was ended when the Troopers executed a successful PIT maneuver on the Civic at the intersection of N Franklin Street and W Commerce Street.

Juarez-Mendez was ordered to the ground outside his vehicle, to which he allegedly failed to comply and had to be forced there by officers. Additionally, he allegedly resisted being cuffed but was eventually taken into custody by the Troopers.

Fermin Juarez-Mendez failed to post bail of $15,000 and is behind bars in Franklin County.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39302-CR-0000179-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-682245