Waynesboro man charged with stealing car and Walmart vest, trying to impersonate employee

02 July 2024- A Waynesboro man is looking at multiple felonies after allegedly going on a drunken excursion at a number of locations around the town. Hector Manuel Aponte Rojas is facing charges of felony theft, felony burglary, and felony criminal trespassing. He failed to post bail of $25,000 and is behind bars in Franklin County Jail.

Washington Township PD were called to the town’s Transfer Station around 4:34pm on July 1st for a motor vehicle theft. When they arrived, officers spoke to the victim who allegedly told police that his 2000 Toyota had been parked at the station before disappearing. A Hyundai with its windows open and a wallet and keys inside were reportedly found nearby.

As officers were investigating, they say that another incident was being investigated at the Walmart store on Washington Township Boulevard. The officer in the first incident was dispatched to this newest case, allegedly finding Hector Aponte Rojas intoxicated at the store. Aponte Rojas reportedly told police he got to the store by walking and “stealing a vehicle”. After being asked whether that was the previously mentioned Toyota, Aponte Rojas reportedly admitted it was. That car was later returned to its owner.

During the investigation, officers say that they learned Aponte Rojas had stolen a Walmart employee vest and tried to impersonate a staff member. He had allegedly done that to enter an area he wasn’t allowed to be in.

Hector Aponte Rojas is behind bars in Franklin County after failing to post bail of $25,000.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39304-CR-0000135-2024, Incident No.: WTPD2024-04859