Waynesboro man charged with stalking/harassing three separate people

UPDATE: Taylor was arraigned on his two other cases, giving him a total monetary bail of $175,000.

According to police documents, Taylor again entered the doctor’s office he stands accused of harassing multiple times on March 20th. Taylor continued to insist on talking to one of the staff members and was told that would not be happening. Taylor then became “really mad” and replied “that’s going to be a problem”, causing the office to fear for their safety. Again, Taylor was warned multiple times by phone, in person, and even official court filings to not contact anyone at the office. He remains behind bars.

21 March 2023- A Waynesboro man is accused of stalking a doctor, an ex from 12 years prior, and someone else, landing him behind bars. Joseph Randall Taylor is charged with one count of misdemeanor stalking and one county of summary harassment, for which he has been arraigned. Additionally, court records show another separate case in which Taylor is charged with misdemeanor harassment and summary defiant trespassing, as well as ANOTHER separate case where Taylor is charged with misdemeanor stalking, misdemeanor harassment, and summary defiant trespassing. For the first charge that Taylor has been arraigned on, he failed to post a bail of $75,000.

In the case that Taylor has been arraigned for, Taylor allegedly sent a letter to an ex-boyfriend he hasn’t seen in over 12 years. The victim reported to Chambersburg police that the letter said “I don’t want to hear your blah blah get in touch, Joe”, but immediately knew it was Taylor. The victim said that they allegedly dated for a while “but broke up with him around 2009-2010 because he was ‘weird'”.

Taylor then allegedly showed up at the victim’s home on Federal Street around a week later, and allegedly let himself in. Taylor was met by a family member and told to leave and that he was not welcome. Three days later, Taylor allegedly sent another letter to the victim with some words illegible. The letter was rambling but wanted to continue contact with the victim.

Taylor was also issued a summons for another instance of alleged harassment and stalking which also allegedly occurred around the same time as the stalking of the first victim. Around 10:50am on March 7th, CPD was dispatched to a doctor’s office on Fifth Avenue in the borough for a reported harassment. Police talked to the secretary who allegedly said that Taylor had been coming into the office and leaving notes for one of the doctors there and asking to see him. Taylor allegedly came in that day, as well, leaving a paper note that said “You know what I want to figure out [redacted] can that big one hangout or not”. The note was reportedly written on the back of a time off request with Joseph Taylor’s name on it from his place of work.

A no contact notice and no trespass notice were both sent to Taylor on March 4th. CPD allegedly called Taylor a month before that, telling him not to contact the doctor’s office. Additionally, ANOTHER police officer phoned Taylor to tell him not to show up a day before the No Contact notices were issued.

On March 3rd, Taylor allegedly left a message on the business’ answering machine. Taylor was contacted by CPD, with Taylor allegedly saying he did it because “he likes him”, referencing the staff member. Taylor then hung up on the CPD officer, which caused officers to call Taylor back and tell him not to contact the office.

The third case, which happened on March 20th according to court filings, has not been brought before Magisterial District Court Judge Glenn Kenneth Manns yet.

Taylor has been arraigned for one of the cases, landing him behind bars on $75,000 bail. His preliminary hearing for that case is set for April 4th.

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