Waynesboro man charged with sexual assault, strangulation of a minor

03 January 2023- A Waynesboro man is charged with a number sex crimes stemming from an August 2021 assault. Christopher Nathan Freeman is charged with felony rape, felony IDSI, felony aggravated indecent assault, felony strangulation, and felony unlawful restraint of a minor. Freeman is behind bars on a bail of $35,000.

In August of 2021, Waynesboro PD were dispatched to the Waynesboro Hospital for reports of a jevenile sexual assault called in by hospital staff. The assault allegedly occurred in the parking lot of a gym in the borough. The victim was transported to Gettysburg Hospital for a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam, in which DNA and other information is collected. The victim said that the suspect was named Chris and was the brother of her friend. More information about the assault was collected at a later date at Over the Rainbow Child Advocacy Center in Franklin County.

A DNA sample warrant was executed on Christopher Freeman in June of 2022, with Freeman allegedly cooperating with a DNA sample. The sample was sent to the Pennsylvania State Police Laboratory, who issued a report on October 25th of 2022. The DNA profile obtained from Freeman and that taken after the assault was 55 octillion times more likely it originated from Freeman than it would have been with another unknown, unrelated individual, essentially providing a match.

Freeman is behind bars on $35,000. His preliminary hearing is set for January 17th of 2023.

Sources: Incident Number: WPD-202108039, Docket Number: MJ-39305-CR-0000156-2022