Waynesboro man charged with impregnating his step-daughter when she was 15

10 January 2023- A Waynesboro man is behind bars today after police allege he repeatedly sexually assaulted his step-daughter, impregnating her at the age of 15. Felix Velazquez-Reyes is charged with felony rape, felony statutory rape, felony aggravated indecent assault, felony corruption of minors, and misdemeanor indecent assault. Velazquez-Reyes is behind bars after failing to post bail of $200,000.

On the morning of November 27th, 2022, police were dispatched to a location in the borough of Waynesboro to talk to a woman who allegedly said she was sexually assaulted a few years ago. That victim was 19 years old when police interviewed her in November but allegedly said that the sexual assaults began when she was 13 in 2016. She allegedly became pregnant at age 15, with her allegedly giving birth in 2019.

The victim was interviewed later at Waynesboro PD and recorded. She allegedly said that her step-father Felix Velazquez-Reyes was in his mid 30s during the time of the incidents and that the assaults allegedly happened at their home in the Borough of Waynesboro. The victim allegedly recounted that she was sexually assaulted many times while her mother was away and at the gym. Velazquez-Reyes allegedly impregnated her in June of 2018, with the victim giving birth in March of 2019. The victim also allegedly told police that she never had a boyfriend or had been sexually active with anyone prior to being sexually assaulted. Additionally, she allegedly told her mother about what had happened. Subsequent interviews with the victim’s mother confirmed this series of events.

Velazquez-Reyes is behind bars on $200,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for January 17th.

Sources: Incident Number: WPD-202210877, Docket Number: MJ-39302-CR-0000375-2022