21 September 2022- A man who’s been in jail since July is now looking at witness intimidation charges after allegedly trying to get his victim to drop charges by bribing her. Edward James Downin is already charged with felony strangulation, misdemeanor terroristic threats, and misdemeanor assault and is behind bars on $75,000 bail. Downin is now looking at felony witness intimidation charges, with no effect to his bail.

In late August, Assistant DA Sess contacted the Waynesboro Police Department, telling them that an inmate had placed a call from the Franklin County jail that was suspicious. The call to the victim of the alleged assault that Downin was already in jail for was then delivered to the police as evidence. During the call, Downin allegedly says that he was sorry for the assault but he wants the charges dropped by the victim. “I will sign off that house, just let me out of here”, he says. Additionally, Downin allegedly made multiple offers on top of the direct quote. Finally, Downin allegedly insinuates during the phone call that his defender uncovered some evidence against the victim and that she may soon be facing charges.

On September 17, Waynesboro PD talked to the victim of the original crime over the phone. During the phone call the victim allegedly said that she did have a phone call with Downin. She also told police the intimate details of the home, as well as Downin’s demeanor with the home.

Edward Downin is behind bars still on the previous charges. His preliminary hearing for the new charges is October 4.

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